Getting around in January

Are we really almost a week through 2017 already? So I am a week into the year and I still don’t have a single flight booked to foreign lands. I’m starting to get minor cabin fever, I normally have at least my next trip booked but right now everything is still ‘to be confirmed’. Still […]

The World’s 50 greatest travel experiences

Looking to plan your travels for 2017? This list from Round the World Experts has 50 of the greatest travel experiences ever! I’ve done 12 of 50. Quite a few still to go. This is the world’s 50 greatest travel bucket list. There are a lot in the USA, Canada and New Zealand…. I can think […]

The perfect itinerary for a return trip to Iceland.

When asked about my top countries in the world, three of them begin with ‘I’, I sometimes feel like ‘Eat Pray Love’ where each country signifies some new way I found myself. In fact my three countries beginning with ‘I’ (two of which are the same as in Eat Pray Love) are all about fun. Where […]