Flowers and Poetry – the food of love?!

In case you haven’t noticed the world has gone red… red roses, white teddy bears holding big red hearts, red heart shaped boxes of chocolates, red covered romance DVDs, red mugs, red books, red hats, red gloves, red champagne bottles … the world has gone red! And not in a blood and guts, gory kind […]

The Predator Strikes Again…

I am not entirely sure how I came to have the nickname ‘the predator’ amongst friends, but I certainly hope it isn’t because they think I look like this… Potentially it is due to my occasional club pulling antics, I pick a guy I like and by the end of the night I have a […]

A Christmas day date in paradise.

This year I spent my second Christmas away from home and all my family and friends, in what some might describe as paradise. A secluded island in the Andaman sea, that most tourists have yet to find, white sandy beaches connect with the calm clear blue sea, the sun shines down daily without an ounce […]

Love Marriages – The latest craze!

In Nepal and India they marry for love! Crazy hey. Not everyone mind, just a select few who have been fortunate enough to meet someone they love before their family have set them up with someone from a suitable background. It seems almost pre historic, the thought of parents knocking on your door one day […]