Table Mountain Trekking

When I knew I was going to Cape Town there were two things I absolutely KNEW I wanted to do and both of them involved Table Mountain, trekking and paragliding. The iconic natural wonder of Cape Town has been something that has amazed both me and thousands of others for years, standing majestic behind the […]

Nelson Mandela 1918 – 2013 – My thoughts in Cape Town remembering our Tata Madiba

Today has been an incredible day, a moment to feel proud of our world, of a man who touched everyone and to celebrate all that can be good about human kind, no matter what faith or background. Here is my story and thoughts on how my day in Cape Town went on the day that […]

Oh Man! A Musandam Fjords Cruise in Oman.

Little did I know I would be visiting Oman on this immense journey across Africa and the Middle East, but visit Oman I did, on an exciting cruise through the Fjords. I have visited Oman once before, but not been further than the airport on a 6 hour layover on my return home from India. […]

Touring Zanzibar in Real Time.

I woke up revived to the sound of waves lightly rolling in only metres from my balcony. A relaxed start to the day with a pick up of 10am for my trip to see more of the island. My smiling guide Bakari welcomes me ‘Jambo’ he says, now a familiar greeting to me. I check […]

Watersports in Ras Al-Khaimah

I love active holidays. Send me white water rafting, trekking, sky diving or snowholing any day. So when I was told I could take my pick and do whatever water sports my heart desired I jumped (literally jumped up and down) at the chance. Adventure Sports have three different locations where they do a variety […]