On land adventures in Croatia with MedSailors

A week sailing around turquoise waters in the hot sunshine around Croatia filled me with excitement, adventure and slight trepidation at getting serious cabin fever. Nine people on a small sailing boat for a week sounded intense so it wasn’t with some nervousness that I packed the smallest bag I could find and headed off to […]

5 tips for making your life unforgettable

Everybody wants to make an impact, everyone wants to leave their mark, whether that’s through being the best daughter, wife, husband, friend or doing something big to help the world. You don’t have to be Einstein to leave your mark or make your life unforgettable to yourself and others. There are many little things you can do […]

Upcoming Travel Plans – My unique life!

FYI guys – This post was sponsored by Nectar as part of their #MakesMeMe campaign but all words and thoughts are my own. The last couple of months have been whirlwind of travels, work, parties, friends, family and general fun times. I have spent an average of one night a week in my own bed, […]

Perfect skiing at St. Christoph Arlberg 1800 Resort

Last month I was lucky enough to jump on a last minute trip to Austria for a couple of days at St. Christoph, Arlberg 1800 Resort in Austria. I hadn’t thought I would make it skiing this year, my ski holiday with friends fell apart and things just weren’t falling into place. So when I […]