How to Scavenger Hunt your way around a new city

It’s been a mad few weeks folks, I left my job in London a few weeks ago only to start immediately working virtually full time at Basilia, mum and Tim’s deli cafe. This isn’t the long term plan but it was high time the family got a holiday so off they ‘roared’ to Lyon and […]

Getting Around Copenhagen

I Loved Copenhagen. I don’t know if it was the bright sun shining down on us, the unique hotels I stayed in, the gorgeous and fun sites I visited or the friendly Danes I met in Copenhagen. Whatever it was I had a brilliant time and so below I share with you my best places […]

Copenhagen Cycling Culture

Bikes are everywhere. On street corners, outside cafes, parading down the street, grans on bikes, mums on bikes, families on bikes. ¬†Even stereo bikes! It is clear that bikes make up a huge part of the culture in Copenhagen and with 55% of Copenhageners commuting to work daily by bike, it isn’t any surprise that […]