On land adventures in Croatia with MedSailors

A week sailing around turquoise waters in the hot sunshine around Croatia filled me with excitement, adventure and slight trepidation at getting serious cabin fever. Nine peopleĀ on a small sailing boat for a week sounded intense so it wasn’t with some nervousness that I packed the smallest bag I could find and headed off to […]

Perfect skiing at St. Christoph Arlberg 1800 Resort

Last month I was lucky enough to jump on a last minute trip to Austria for a couple of days at St. Christoph, Arlberg 1800 Resort in Austria. I hadn’t thought I would make it skiing this year, my ski holiday with friends fell apart and things just weren’t falling into place. So when I […]

The Blue Lagoon – The Perfect Place to be in a Storm

We left The President’s House and pushed our way through the crazy wind and back onto the bus. We had one final stop on our short tour or Iceland before we got our flight back to the UK. The stop we had all been waiting for, one of the top 25 wonders of the world, […]