8 Reasons to love America – Happy Thanksgiving

Despite America’s recent scary announcement telling it’s residents to not travel, (which I don’t agree with and won’t go into now) I do LOVEĀ America and if you don’t already, hopefully this post will persuade you why you should. So in light of Thanksgiving, here are my… 8 reasons to love America The huge food portions […]

I’m Going Home… to The USA

I can’t quite control my excitement as the hours and minutes count down. I’m going home… to the USA! As an America addict and as someone who has spend two years of her life living and studying in this fine country, it is surprising that I haven’t written much about the USA before. However it […]

Don’t be Lazy on Holiday – DTour Inspiration

This might, to many, sound like an oxymoron. Holidays are for relaxing, for chilling, for recharging your batteries. Quite simply they are for being lazy. However I dare you to do the opposite, to wake up earlier, to plan your days and to do, see and experience as much as you can in your chosen […]