My Quarter Year Resolutions

I am forever dreaming about trips to far away lands. Climbing a mountain in Equador, taking the Trans Siberian across China and Mongolia or lazing on a luscious beach in Hawaii. Now all these are very exciting thoughts, but in reality they are once a year type adventures and instead I need to focus on […]

Winter Warming with The Wordsmiths

This weekend I spend a delightful couple of days in the South West of England in a tiny little village called Abbey Dore. For Christmas my dad and Karen bought me an amazing gift of a weekend writing course for women, experience gifts are always my favourite. You might not get much to open but […]

Don’t be Lazy on Holiday – DTour Inspiration

This might, to many, sound like an oxymoron. Holidays are for relaxing, for chilling, for recharging your batteries. Quite simply they are for being lazy. However I dare you to do the opposite, to wake up earlier, to plan your days and to do, see and experience as much as you can in your chosen […]

What Next Wednesday – Make a Decision

My current to do list is mental! In fact my head is so swimming with things I need to do, ideas and people to contact I haven’t even made my list yet. BUT… I am not stressed and best of all… I am really really happy! Almost three months ago now I left my job […]