White Water Rafting

Or should that be White Brown Water Rafting

Apparently the water was clean, not dirty, just a bit muddy, either way it was as brown as HP sauce, thankfully not quite as thick in consistency.

Equipment at the ready, brown water waiting…

Rafting is so much cheaper here than past adventures rafting in the USA, but like anything in Asia you have to barter for the best price. We paid $30 for a 3 hour transfer there and back in a private taxi, 3 hours rafting with all equipment and guides and lunch, with the obligatory black tea or coffee with a liiittle sugar?! Others on our trip paid $38 for the same package, clearly don’t have such honed negotiation skills.

Captain Himal’s Honeys!

The 3 hour journey towards Chitwan was my first experience of being driven outside of Kathmandu. Within a few miles we were stuck in traffic due to a lorry that had fallen off the road and down about 400feet into the valley below. I’m guessing he didn’t survive, I couldn’t see any ambulances or police around but somehow this country works on a form of organised chaos so sure it’s all sorted now?!? I recommend closing your eyes and attempting to sleep despite the jolts and jumps… believe me it is much easier than actually watching the road as that is sure to scare. I THINK they drive on the left hand side here but I am still not quite sure, blind bends seem to mean nothing to them and overtaking three at a time is common place. I told you, close your eyes and think of home!

The rafting resort was small but perfectly formed with three rather attractive Nepalise hippies ready to look after our every need. One even sang ‘You’re beautiful’ to me from the bar, I might book that guide again before I leave Nepal…

Man overboard!

At Grade 4 rafting was fun without being too nerve-wracking and ‘Captain Himal’ entertained us occasionally throwing us out the boat for a swim in that ‘clean’ water. There was a lot of still water with rapid areas every few 100m for proper rafting action, but I was definitely left wanting more. Next time… grade 5 and 6 … I’m ready for ya!


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    Blimey, that water is brown!! I don’t know how I’d feel about falling out of a raft into that. Last time I did white water rafting I drank a lot of the river…


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