Everyone wants to travel more right? OK maybe not everyone, but if you’re reading my blog and this blog post, then the chances are you do.
Money can be the root of all evil or the catalyst to lots of fun. Yes there are lots of ways to travel for free, but even free stuff comes at a price and sometimes it is most fun to know you have been super clever in your saving techniques and got yourself a bargain on your holiday.
Free money is my favourite and despite what you think, free money can come about quite easily, you just have to be organised… and clever!
You want to be able to go about your normal life, whilst making a little bit extra without even doing anything… the dream right?! Ok so making a LOT extra would be even better, but I am not a miracle maker… yet!? 🙂
One of the best ways to make a little extra money is buy shopping wisely, using the right credit cards and customer cards can really make you quite a lot over the course of a few months or years.
I currently have £25 on my Boots card, I’m saving up to treat myself to some perfume… free perfume just from doing my usual Boots shopping. A miracle?! Not quite, but wise spending has led to this.
Norwegian airlines are another great example. Their new Rewards service, lets you collect CashPoints when you book a flight, a hotel or car rental using your card you gain points which can be exchanged for cash off flights, no matter where you are travelling.
You don’t even need to fly with them to be able to start totting up your points, but could be booking a hotel or renting a car, so if you’re a regular hotel goer, you could be totting up your points to one day get you a free flight… free money see?! 🙂 You can also use the points on local tours, seat upgrades and lots more.
They have a few partners, including Hotels.com so you could easily start bumping up those points. If you travel for business, maybe you can sneak a few on there, then your gaining the points while spending your companies dime! Win win!
Watch this video to learn more about the Norwegian Rewards Scheme

 This post was sponsored by Norwegian Reward Card, but as always all words are my own. 

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