About Volunteer Addict

My name is Jen and I’m a VOLUNTEER addict!

To try and satisfy my addiction I have decided to quit my job (managing a VOLUNTEER Centre) and VOLUNTEER my way around the world. Whatever the VOLUNTEERing may be I want to give it a go, meeting new people and helping out wherever I can.

My only rule is that I only help out where needed and don’t push myself on anyone. Believe it or not some VOLUNTEERing can cause more harm than good.

On this blog I hope you will find tips about finding VOLUNTEERing opportunities around the world, how to make the most of them, different things you can do, the do’s and don’ts and many experiences and helpful hints on VOLUNTEERing … read this blog and you too will be an addict like me before you know it!


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  1. Dear Jen,
    Hope everything is going well.
    My name is Micky. I enjoyed reading your blog and also I’m fan of volunteering. I have been volunteering for more than a year and really enjoy doing the volunteering work and helping with others. I currently work in a legal management consulting firm and also volunteer in a local organization the Alliancexchange. They do fundraising to provide educational opportunities for kids in Ecuador. I was wondering if I could write a guest post on your site and share my experience volunteering in the states with others (I’m originally from China and here for school.)
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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