Daal Baat for breakfast, daal baat for lunch and you guessed it… daal baat for dinner that is pretty much how life with my Nepali family went. In fact, that is how life with most Nepali families lives seem to go.

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Daal Baat!

After telling my guide I wanted to volunteer he instantly invited me to stay at his home while I volunteered at a local school. My family included Ram-ji, his wife Sabina, their daughters Sonya (16) and Sheecha (12) and their nieces James (10) and Aeron (8). They instantly made me feel welcome and part of the family, the boys giving me their room to sleep in while they shared a bed downstairs.

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Eating Daal Baat the Nepali way … on the floor with my hands!

My week consisted of waking up at 7am and having breakfast with the family (daal baat) and helping the kids with their revision for exams before they headed off to school, and then I put the final touches to my lesson plans before heading to school myself. After lessons I came back to my family for lunch (daal baat) with Sabina bhabhi (Nepali mummy) and waited for the kids to get back from school and help them with more homework. The youngest kids, knew the most English, translating to their mum and sisters, sometimes making up what I said such as ‘she said the food was horrible mummi’ … cheeky! I can, however, confirm that my host mummy made the best Daal Baat in the whole of Nepal!

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My Nepali Mammi and Daaddi (Ram ji and Sabina)

Dinner was late at around 9pm with the whole family together. All meal times are taken in the girls room (also the living room) on the floor, using your hands. They were very excited I chose to not only eat Daal Baat every meal like them but also use my hand for eating too rather than doing it the ‘Western’ way with cutlery. I don’t see the point in visiting a country and not doing things their way. You are there to experience new cultures, try new foods, make new friends.

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Learning to cook … you guessed it … Daal Baat

The week went by far too fast and by the end I was very sad to say goodbye to my new Nepali family. We exchanged gifts and sad goodbyes promising to visit again one day, with an open invitation to them to come and stay in England one day.

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The family puppy Jackson … super cute!

The Nepali people are kind, generous, loving, welcoming and all round brilliant. I will miss them madly but look forward to the next family I will adopt in another country.

Thank you Ram ji and family for a brilliant week. I will remember you forever!

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My Nepali family

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