As a travel blogger I am expected to be the best when it comes to the travel round in the pub quiz, or know the answer to any question  that comes up ever about travel, the world or geography… ‘Jen will know this one’. However inevitably the answer from me is always ‘erm… I don’t know’.

The world is a very VERY big place, so much so that I have only been to around 15% of it. That’s not a huge amount, so when a question comes up about South America (never been), most places in Africa (never been) or anywhere in the South Pacific (never been), chances are I am not going to know the answer. If a question comes up about England or America (where I’ve lived) it will be pretty touch and go if I know it too.

Holiday just book it

I’ve never been good at general trivia anyway, I seem to collect the random facts of the world nobody cares about and any useful knowledge will go in and then just fly straight back out again, never to be heard from again… until the answers of the pub quiz come around!

This said I am determined to get better. I am a travel expert and so should have the trivia knowledge to go with it. Now when told about a hidden secret of a new country I make a note and try to commit it to memory.

El Cerro de la Cruz

Did you know that Antigua in Guatemala was the first city in the world to have the planned grid style layout that is popular in the USA. FACT! Now there is an interesting quiz answer!

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I made it to Economy Plus with my answers, time to work myself up to Business!

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