Yesterday someone asked me to marry them… and not a weird staring local either but an attractive young Dutchman (what is it with me and Dutchmen on this trip!?!).

While waiting to meet a friend I popped into Café Coffee Day (the Starbucks of India, that inspired me to write the blog post ‘How many Indians Does it take to change a lightbulb?‘) and sat next to an older man from Holland, who said there was space but his son would have to squeeze in.

Ooo son I thought, waiting to see who should emerge from the bathroom. Two minutes later and I was deep in conversation with his cute son as we waited for our drinks to arrive.

I told him about my trip, including volunteering, Everest Base Camp and the indefinite amount of time it will continue for.

‘Will you marry me’ he asked ‘I want a girl that is as adventurous as you, what is it they say in England … you’ve got balls!’

Well, he may not have been down on one knee, with a FAT diamond ring and a look of a lifetime of love in his eye but it made my day and got me thinking about how much of what we do in life is to attract a mate?

Do we travel to make us more interesting, worldly, tanned … to get a better job … OR to help us attract a better other half?

Or do we travel to meet like minded people who travel like us and are therefore going to be better halves?

Or perhaps as many of you will agree we travel because we enjoy it! Because of sampling new cultures, seeing new mountains, tasting new foods and widening your horizons is a great way to live life, and memories are something no one can ever take away from us!

And if the Dutch boy from Café Coffee Day is reading this … perhaps we will get married one day, your life in Senegal sounds equally ‘ballsy’ …  a match made in heaven perhaps?!


  1. Love this anecdote – would totally make my day too. I think I travel for ALL the reasons you list above. Keep the tales coming x

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