Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome to DAY 2 of my week long giveaway on She Gets Around. A new prize is being announced every day this week and they are just going to keep getting better… Yesterday’s prize was two tickets to the Chatsworth Country Fair in the Peak District.

Today you have a chance to win one of two ‘Scratch the World‘ map from Maps International. I have one of these maps myself and love it. It is an awesome visual way to see everywhere you have been scratching off each country you have visited to show a different colour underneath.  Scratch the World map - WIN

If you are a travel lover, then chances are you are a map lover too so will be mega excited by this prize like me. I received two personalised maps from Maps International, one with She Gets Around written on it (of course) and one for the Lowthrop family to share all our travels.

They have tonnes of different styles of maps to choose from on their site, from scratch maps, to antique maps, to canvas maps and jigsaw maps. They are every map lovers dream. I could easily spend hundreds of pounds on this site, filling my house with maps (when I have a house).
Scratch the World map - WIN

Entry is super easy. All you have to do is follow the steps in Rafflecopter below. The more different entry options you use the more chances you have of winning.

This competition is open for two weeks until midnight on Tuesday 6th September. It is open to all UK residents and the winners will be posted a scratch the world map to their home address.

There are two maps up for grabs, so today’s prize will have not one but two winners, so you have double the chance of winning this one.

Enter to win one of two ‘Scratch the World’ travel maps

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Scratch the World map - WIN

Scratch the World map - WIN

Don’t forget to look out for the rest of the week for more prizes to be won. The prizes are getting even better each day. I can’t wait for Friday and Saturday’s giveaways.

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Win a 'Scratch the World' map


  1. janet humphrey Reply

    favourite country to scratch off is Australia (was our honeymoon destination)

    • Jen Lowthrop Reply

      Aaa lovely. you need to do a lot of scratching for Australia. Good luck

  2. Ohhh these look lovely! I’ve just moved into a new flat and need something to brighten up the walls…

  3. I didn’t see the requirement for the competition! I just wanted to comment haha… I’d love to scratch off Russia because it’s so big 😛

  4. Oooh, these look great – I’d love one! Although i’ll have to scratch them off rather slowly if I keep traveling everywhere by bike or train… 😉

    • Jen Lowthrop Reply

      Yes it may take a while. Good luck for the competition

  5. Ken Lilley Reply

    I would love one and scratch and scratch to retrace my steps over the years.

  6. Laura Pritchard Reply

    Australia – I spent a year there and I fell in love with it!

  7. My face country would be the USA – I lived there for a year and miss it so much! Lovely giveaway.

  8. Alix Boswell Reply

    I would scratch off USA, because I’m planning a trip to Disney land florida!

  9. Jennifer Haden Reply

    I’d love to scratch off Japan one day, big dream of mine 🙂

  10. Jayne Townson Reply

    Mine is Canada, I’ve always wanted to go on holiday there. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  11. Isabell Whitenstall Reply

    I would like to scratch off Thailand because it seems such a laid back place to visit

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  13. Katie Skeoch Reply

    I’d love to scratch off Japan, I’ve always wanted to go!

  14. janine atkin Reply

    I’d love to cratch off germany. its such a beautiful country

  15. Angela Ellis Reply

    Looking forward to visiting the Galapagos Islands next year – would love a map to record my travels on 🙂

  16. I’d like to scratch off Norway. I’ve always wanted to visit.

  17. I’d love to scratch off some tiny countries. Some canary islands for instance 🙂 we love going to find some sun as a family 🙂

  18. I’d love to scratch off Laos as it’s my favourite country I’ve visited.

  19. Barbara Handley Reply

    Canada as that is where I have found my closest paternal relatives.

  20. Angela McDonald Reply

    I’d love to scratch the USA off this map! I’ve always wanted to go!


    Malaysia, I’d love to go there to watch sea turtles hatch

  22. It’d have to be Canada for me. It was my sandwich year placement at university and my first time on a plane too.

  23. Jo Carroll Reply

    Wow…this is so clever and unusual. I’d love to find out what Australia has to offer 😉

  24. Anthea Holloway Reply

    I would love to scratch off Chile which is long and thin and so I would need to be very careful!

  25. SUSAN L HALL Reply

    Has to be the USA we have been to a couple of parts and are off to Oregon next year – so excited – it may take all my life to scratch it all off but would be worth it

  26. Becky John Reply

    Sicily as I have been three times and going back again next year.

  27. Nicola Weeks Reply

    I’d love to scratch off Austria, as I’d love to take my mum there to visit The Sound of Music locations! She’s wanted to do that since I was little as we watched it so much when i was growing up! 🙂 xxx

  28. Hollie Newton Reply

    Beautiful prize. Have the perfect place for this in my new flat x

  29. Gemma Holland Reply

    I’d love to scratch Toronto off the map. Thanks. Love these

  30. Ruth Wollerton Reply

    Australia – Its abig country but I would love to scratch it all off

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