A Walk In The Parks

10 weeks, 10 National Parks and 1000 miles of hiking.

Jen and Cookie the rescue dog, are soon to start a big adventure hiking (and canoeing in one park) across all 10 national parks in England and I’d love you to be involved.

Born and bred in the Peak District, national parks are my home. As Chair of the Peak District National Park Foundation I understand the urgent need for us to protect our national parks, whilst enabling more people to experience the benefits a walk in the park brings.

A travel blogger for 13 years and a hiker for life, I am combining two of my favourite things and setting off in mid August to walk from one border to the opposite border of every national park in England.

In each park I will be meeting with key people to learn more about what makes each national park special and why we need to protect them. I am spreading the message of the importance of looking after our national parks so they can be enjoyed by everyone, forever. All whilst aiming to raise £10,000 for the Peak District National Park Foundation.

Want to learn more?

Read my Q&A for everything you need to know about ‘A Walk in the Parks’ and how you can get involved. If you are interested in being interviewed, becoming a sponsor or want to join me for a day drop me a message on the form to the right.

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