dog sledding Beito husky tours

Dog sledding with Beito Husky Tours

Last month I ticked off one of my top bucket list items and it was every bit as exciting, adventurous and special as I expected. Dog sledding truly was one of the most spectacular experiences of my life! I was told that dog sledding from Oslo wasn’t possible, you need to be further north where [...]

apres ski Austria

Tips for choosing a ski resort in 2015

Choosing a ski resort can be a challenging and stressful experience. There are so many across Europe and beyond to choose from and each come with their own array of positives and pitfalls. I have never been skiing outside Europe and before a couple of years ago had never skied outside France… for me the [...]

Christmas beach photo

The 12 volunteering days of Christmas

The last few days have been a mad rush of buying, shopping, spending… fighting! Seriously what has happened in this world that people are fighting over saving a few pounds on a telly or in the case of America people actually being shot and stabbed to save dollars on Black Friday. It saddens me that [...]

Hill Holt Wood

My five top Microadventures in the UK

I have been following Alistair Humphrey’s microadventures for a while and can’t think of a better way for people to enjoy their home country without breaking the bank: Sleeping under the stars, long walks in your surrounding area, canoeing down the river for a day or even camping in your back yard. There is so [...]

hot chocolate at arepa and co

A perfect day in London for two for under £100

London is expensive. There is no denying it. You can easily swallow up a few hundred pounds in London without even thinking about it. But there are ways of having a fun filled day out in London, with new experiences, tasty treats and adventure without spending a fortune. ‘ICE’ Currency Exchange tasked me with planning [...]

flying quote

Tell us about your flying memories and WIN a camera

Anyone fancy winning a camera? Well in all honestly I could do with winning one myself after recently breaking mine… again… *accident prone!* …But instead I have teamed up with Flying 100 Years to give away a camera as part of their 100 Years of Flying celebrations. Can you believe we have been flying commercially for [...]