UncommonGoods Giveaway

It’s my Birthday – so YOU can win a present!

Morning folks. It’s my birthday today, hurrah! I am the grand old age of 31… how this happened I’m not quite so sure. I still feel 21! To celebrate my birthday I wanted to give YOU a present… or at least the chance to get one. I have partnered with Uncommon Goods to give away […]


5 ways to welcome refugees to the UK this Refugee Week

This week is Refugee Week in the UK and yesterday was World Refugee Day. It is a time to celebrate all the positives that refugees bring to our country and most importantly welcome them when they arrive to the UK! I have been working with Counterpoint Arts on the social media campaign for this year’s Refugee […]

Where I've been getting around in May

Where I’ve been getting around…

You may have noticed the blog as been somewhat quiet the last few weeks… probably because I have been here there and everywhere but on my blog. I’ve got loads to write about, travel stories to share, tips on where to stay and what to eat and many beautiful photos to show you. I can […]

world quiz

How well do you know the world?

As a travel blogger I am expected to be the best when it comes to the travel round in the pub quiz, or know the answer to any question  that comes up ever about travel, the world or geography… ‘Jen will know this one’. However inevitably the answer from me is always ‘erm… I don’t know’. The world […]

What it's really like in a Belize Hospital

What it’s really like in a Belize public hospital

Earlier this week I had an accident… another one. I seem to be somewhat accident prone and am getting quite the reputation for the number of falls, scrapes, stitches and breaks I have had in my life time. At times I can be a bit fearless and when zip-lining in Belize this week I may have […]

Reasons to visit Antigua, Guatemala

25 colourful reasons to visit Antigua, Guatemala 

 Certain cities fill me up with smiles the moment I arrive. That feeling of wanting to jump up and down and squeal with excitement like a little girl, or clap like you’ve just seen an incredible performance. This is how I felt when we arrived into Antigua, Guatemala. As soon as we landed into Guatemala […]