How to win travel competitions

How to win travel competitions

In the last couple of year I have had quite a string of wins when it comes to travel competitions. I’ve been to Denmark, UAE, Zanzibar, The Seychelles, South Africa and America, on top of three month’s free membership at my local health spa and various smaller prizes such as a bracelet and magazine subscription… [...]

backpack winning

Tips for a gap year at any age and WIN a backpack!

Whether you are coming to the end of your official gap year between school and university or you are coming to the end of your youth, or even the end of your working years… It’s never too late for a gap year! I’ve had two gap years… so far, and I am sure there will [...]

Bohemia island

How to own a slice of your own island… for reals!

Last month a few travel bloggers had some of us taken for a ride in one of the most lustworthy April Fool’s jokes ever. Hundreds of bloggers across the world were wishing, hoping, dreaming it was true… but alas Dylan and friends had us all fooled. The Travel Massive Island was not to be. Tears [...]

smile hot chocolate

Tips to help you keep entertained in the airport.

I always quite enjoy a trip to the airport, primarily because it means I am off on holiday. Filled with excitement for the holiday ahead and probably feeling inadvertently loaded with all my pennies ready for the holiday ahead. Needless to say I often blow my budget before I’ve got on the plane, getting excited [...]

ski jump Oslo

Top 10 things to do in Oslo

Earlier this year my friend Swatee and I visited wonderful Norway for a weekend in Oslo. On top of the ultimate highlight of dogsledding, we spent a couple of days enjoying the highlights of Oslo city centre. Below my favourite travel partner Swatee shares here top 10 things to do in Oslo… Guest post by [...]

dog sledding Beito husky tours

Dog sledding with Beito Husky Tours

Last month I ticked off one of my top bucket list items and it was every bit as exciting, adventurous and special as I expected. Dog sledding truly was one of the most spectacular experiences of my life! I was told that dog sledding from Oslo wasn’t possible, you need to be further north where [...]