Reasons to visit Antigua, Guatemala

25 colourful reasons to visit Antigua, Guatemala 

 Certain cities fill me up with smiles the moment I arrive. That feeling of wanting to jump up and down and squeal with excitement like a little girl, or clap like you’ve just seen an incredible performance. This is how I felt when we arrived into Antigua, Guatemala. As soon as we landed into Guatemala […]

What it's really like in a Belize Hospital

What it’s really like in a Belize public hospital

Earlier this week I had an accident… another one. I seem to be somewhat accident prone and am getting quite the reputation for the number of falls, scrapes, stitches and breaks I have had in my life time. At times I can be a bit fearless and when zip-lining in Belize this week I may have […]

fun facts about Slovenia

Fun facts that will make you want to visit Slovenia

Slovenia, a country that may not be on your bucket list yet, but a country that should be. Slovenia is small, with a population of 2 million, but is full of surprises, from the food, to the wine to the stunning views. I visited Slovenia in December last year and was blown away by the place, […]

Flying in the clouds

How to prepare for an early morning flight

When booking a flight we always go for the cheapest flight we can find. It is natural instinct to get a bargain. However, just before your holiday is set to begin, you realise that a 7am flight means getting up at stupid o’clock to get to the airport and being tired for the first day […]

live to work quote

Upcoming Travel Plans – My unique life!

The last couple of months have been whirlwind of travels, work, parties, friends, family and general fun times. I have spent an average of one night a week in my own bed, moving between cities, towns and countries at an alarming rate. I seem to return home to do some washing and catch up on […]

arlberg 1800 resort

Perfect skiing at St. Christoph Arlberg 1800 Resort

Last month I was lucky enough to jump on a last minute trip to Austria for a couple of days at St. Christoph, Arlberg 1800 Resort in Austria. I hadn’t thought I would make it skiing this year, my ski holiday with friends fell apart and things just weren’t falling into place. So when I […]