In loving memory of Pudsy Lowthrop

My Quarter Year Resolutions

I am forever dreaming about trips to far away lands. Climbing a mountain in Equador, taking the Trans Siberian across China and Mongolia or lazing on a luscious beach in Hawaii. Now all these are very exciting thoughts, but in reality they are once a year type adventures and instead I need to focus on [...]

The Traverse after party! Thank you to Brenna from This Battered Suitcase for letting me use this awesome photo

Tips and Teachings from Traverse 14

Traverse 14 Conference Hurrah to the brilliant Traverse 14 Conference! As usual the weekend was fabulous, a mix of learning new things, meeting new people and rocking new dance moves, what more could you want from a conference?! I definitely learnt a few things at this year’s Traverse that will hopefully make me a better [...]

millennium bridge newcastle

Biking Adventures with Saddle Skedaddle

I arrived in my leggings, a light zip up North Face jacket and my trainers. I felt prepared, ready for the exciting mountain biking adventure ahead. The sun was shining of the Tyne in Newcastle and it seemed a perfect day to go a bike ride… So why were the tour leaders looking at me [...]

Zanzibar flowers

Top Tips for Visiting Zanzibar

When visiting Zanzibar last year I had a few near misses when it came to silly travel mistakes during my stay. As a seasoned traveller you can sometimes become a bit relaxed about certain things when it comes to foreign money, visas, vaccines. You’ve done it all before, made your way through and so far [...]

La Digue Beach, Seychelles

The Best Beaches of Africa

…As decided by the girl who gets around! But that’s ok, because when it comes to beaches, I would say I have pretty good taste! So here they are, The Best Beaches of Africa… the answer to all your beachy needs! Best Beach for Surfing – Ghana I wrote a whole post on the beaches [...]

The Biscuit Mill, Cape Town

My Top Ten Travel Experiences on my DTour

Where do I begin and how do I cut it down to just ten? Ten seems like a lot, but I was away for 23 days and each day was filled with new experiences, whether it was new beaches, new cuisines, new countries, I truly had the trip of a lifetime, packing more into three [...]