how to budget for regular travel

How to budget for regular travel

What if you could have more holidays a year? Spend a weekend away every month? Sound like a good plan? Read on for my tips on budgeting for regular travel. If you want more than one or two holidays a year (and who doesn’t?) then the chances are you are going to have to budget. […]

50 Cities and their amazing nicknames

I don’t normally share these kinds of infographics, but this one I really liked… mainly because I was amazed how few I actually knew the answer to. I assumed I would get 50 out of 50, but nope, I barely got half. It’s a bit of a lesson in what cities are known for too, […]

The London Underground - the journey to work

London living – The Underground

Today I was that person who shouts ‘can you move down please!!’ whilst trying to cram myself, my handbag and my laptop bag onto an already crowded train. You can hear the chuntering ‘there’s no more space’ and you can see the eye rolls and those ignoring you as they happily stand in their 20inch […]

MIddlethorpe Hall and spa, York in winter

An enchanting stay at Middlethorpe Hall and Spa, York

Upon pulling up at Middlethorpe Hall and Spa I instantly felt like I was in an episode of Downton Abbey. A friendly older gentleman came out to help with our bags which were swiftly taken up to our room, whilst another young man checked us in. Middlethorpe Hall has been lovingly restored to its former […]

5 reasons to visit San Francisco in 2017

5 reasons to visit San Francisco in 2017

If you were to ask me where I might like to live, what city I recommend whole heartedly, San Francisco always comes up near the top. It is a city filled with culture, with art, with incredible food, views, well known landmarks and lots of friendly Californians. It is a perfect mix of the California […]