A secret adventure in Richmond – Canoeing the Thames

There’s something quite special about being in the great outdoors in the middle of the city. It feels weird, almost naughty, seeing nothing but green trees and blue (ok brown) water rushing by. Quite the contrast from high rise buildings, pollution, police sirens and thousands of people as it is in most of London. But [...]


Dreaming from a rainbow in Aarhus

There is something about rainbows… The surprise flash of colour in an otherwise dull sky.  The promises of gold at the end of the rainbow. The magical effect of a natural multicoloured wonder towering over us.  They aren’t that uncommon but rainbows never fail to make us smile and stare in awe!  This is why [...]

cycling graffiti Denmark

Five ways Copenhagen is better than London

It’s safe to cycle In Copenhagen cyclists come first, probably because the majority of people cycle around the city. There are cycle lanes everywhere you go, along main roads and smaller roads and the cars actually respect those on bikes. With the number of deaths and accidents on bikes in London recently we could definitely [...]

view of Copenhagen

Easy tips for capturing great holiday photos

I would like to start this post by saying I am not a professional photographer and so my tips are self taught or tips from friends and therefore… really EASY to learn! All these photos were taken today on my iPhone on a day cycling and walking around Copenhagen, so though they may not be [...]


Top five things to do in Santa Cruz, USA

10 years ago I was fortunate enough to move to Santa Cruz, California to live and study for a year. Still to this day it was one of the best years of my life. What isn’t to love about living by the beach, with views across the ocean, enjoying the chilled atmosphere of a true [...]

the year of living danishly

Book Review: The Year of Living Danishly (and win the book)

This year I set myself a challenge of reading a book a week! It felt quite a daunting task, but somehow half way through the year I seem to still be on track. Reading has become a part of my daily routine and I am loving it! I have tried to read a range of [...]