Burritos… Dates… What more could a girl want?!

So I like to date boys… This might be obvious, but one thing that is less obvious if you are not my twitter follower or close friend or indeed anyone I have come into contact with… I also like burritos… I particularly like burritos from @chilango_uk … Some might say I was obsessed!? So when the opportunity arose to be the next 52 burrito dates extraordinaire… Well how the hell couldn’t I jump at this chance?! Guaranteed dates, guaranteed burritos from Chilangos… Perfection?!

After a short online application I was invited to an informal chat in a pub in Angel, an interview of sorts about dating… my life has reached a whole new high.

I was told to arrive between 7.00 and 10.00pm, so arriving fashionably late at 7.20, I was surprised when Rich (past Chilango dater) and Eric weren’t anywhere to be seen. Ok so I would only recognise Rich but he wasn’t around and wasn’t answering his phone… had I been stood up?!

An average day at the office...

Luckily I already had a date with me to keep me entertained… yup I brought a date to my date about dates… call me old fashioned but safety in numbers no?!

After waiting for about 40 minutes, well beyond acceptable fashionably late… Richard arrived only to tell me they needed a brief chat with the team before hand. ‘Not a problem’ *playing it cool* I’ll just sit here with my Italian supping wine as we slowly waste away desperate for dinner!?!

For the next half an hour or so I watched as numerous girls and guys sat down on their table for a ‘chat’… these people were my competition, this challenge just stepped up a notch.

Eventually it was my turn to move over to this table, the table that would decide my fate in the burrito, dating world… quite possibly the most important interview of my life!?

Rich introduced me to Shannon (a Chilango employee) and Eric and his girlfriend. We had brief hellos and I couldn’t help but feel like Eric (THE Mr Chilango) wasn’t interested… until I mentioned I was @jlowthrop… ‘aaaa @jlowthrop’ suddenly it all clicked into place, we were hugging like long lost friends. Twitter I salute you.

The main question of the evening was what happens if you meet the man of your dreams half way through burrito dating … well duh if they were the man of my dreams they would understand that I had 26 more burritos to eat and boys to date… right!?

I mentioned my predator status amongst friends and perhaps went a step too far as I got out the lion claws to just make my point clear. I brought up I had already been on one of Rich’s 52 dates… with two of his friends and two of mine, at which Eric wanted the details on how it had gone, had Rich and I hit it off? Rich mentioned that one of my mates had taken a shining to one of his mates and afterwards asked for his number… ‘erm yer I think so’ I said… erm *that was actually me*… Awkward!?

As quickly as it had begun it was over and it was time to get back to my actual date for the evening, with my Italian. As with any interview I didn’t say everything I had planned, my genius ideas, selling my strong points and as with any dates I said a few stupid things and rambled but hey fingers crossed they loved me and @jlowthrop will be the next @52burritodates … a whole new way to introduce myself at parties… and in Chilango’s… I can’t wait!

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  1. Loving the ‘lion claws’! And the fact that you took a date to a date about dates. Only you! Did you mention the deck of cards? That would fit in soooooo well. 52 is a magic number 🙂

    1. hehe thanks Ari. Hopefully there will be lots more burrito date chats soon, fingers crossed 🙂 x

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