My Bollywood Debut

Last week my first movie debut was released and no not some small made at home novice movie but only the biggest and best Bollywood movie of the moment, starring* you guessed it … yours truly Miss She Gets Around , AKA @jlowthrop … Me!

It has been a while in the making and I am sure all those other (not as good as me**) actors had to have a few more takes for the less important scenes to the one I am in.

Hair and Make up darling...

My potential for acting was noticed through my dramatic walking and natural ability*** in front of a lens, by a scout who picked me up off the streets in Mumbai and offered me a lead**** role in the next big thing … the James Bond of Bollywood … Agent Vinod!

The day of filming in a Russian nightclub scene consisted of lots of dancing in gorgeous***** clubbing outfits, a brief break for some delicious****** food, followed by more dancing and filming until 2am when we were sent home in a limousine******* and then paid the mega bucks********

Recognise this from the video link below?

Despite all the home truths in the ‘*’ below I had a brilliant day, with some great girls from back home and would do it again in a heartbeat. I brushed shoulders with one of Bollywood’s actual biggest stars, Saif Ali Khan and if you look closely enough in the Russian club scene you may just catch a glimpse of my once tanned leg dancing away as Saif stabs his arch nemesis.  Now if that isn’t fame?!

If you are interested in ‘starring’ in a Bollywood movie then follow my simple top tips below..

  • Head to the Fort area, conveniently where all the travellers hang out and walk up and down the street, it won’t be long before a scout stops you and offers you the chance of a lifetime…
  • Make sure they are asking to meet you in a central, public location, probably the next day and probably McDonalds (yes they have McDonalds over there sadly) where you just need to look out for the group of white folk waiting to be taken for hair and make up
  • Try and get as much information about the movie as you can, we had a clubbing scene and had I known this in advance could have come with my own suitable clothes rather than their less than suitable and generally too small 90’s style outfits.
  • They will offer you approximately 500 rupees for the day which is about £5, it is worth trying to get more but don’t hold your breath.
  • It is worth asking if they have any slightly more involved roles, I met girls who were working behind the bar in the Russian Club or had to walk in front of the actors and got paid a bit extra for their LAMDA level roles.
  • Enjoy, have a giggle, make new friends and get yourself infront of the camera… this is your chance people!!

Look closely and you might just spot me…

*not actually starring, more a brief but very important moment
**actually way better than me
***technically I was obviously a white tourist
****see note * above
******cold and slimy
*******non air conditioned bus
********£5 for 12 hours work

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