The worst thing about travelling Asia?

Ok, I think I need to get this off my chest …and my feet, and my side and my hands and my…grrr just P*SS OFF! Sorry, not you!

Right, Jen, calm and collected… so here is the deal!

I HATE Mosquitos.

HATE them like I have never hated anything before!!

But the even more annoying thing is they LOVE me! Seriously… I am NOT juicy, I am NOT tasty, my blood is sour, my skin is rough… so just F*CK off mozzies! (apologies now for the swearing included in this post).

I bloody love travelling, I can handle the heat, I can handle the stares, the food somehow (so far) agrees with my stomach, I meet awesome people, see awesome places… but one thing is constant… mosquito bites!

Every morning I wake up with a few more, my feet are currently covered in 25 mosquito bites… 25!! Not to mention those that crept up my top and got me on the stomach, those that climbed down my pants and bit my arse. Cheeky little fuckers need to get a piece of my mind.

Not only do they leave me looking like a leper on my last legs, I am left spending my days scratching the uncontrollable itches over my body.

I know I know you shouldn’t scratch, but I can’t bloody help it, it relieves me for a few seconds, and right now those few seconds are all I have that keep me sane from those tiny little creatures!

What is their purpose in life? Why are they here? Tell me! To cause pain and suffering to travellers like myself, to cause sickness and death to those that don’t take anti-malarials?

Mosquitos do NO good in this world… so who is with me…

KILL THE MOSQUITOS, make them extinct! Maybe if we all get involved we can beat the tiny, irritable, blood thirsty creatures?!!

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Look at it! I want to squish it flat this second!

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  1. Too true….Malaria is one of the worlds biggest killers, maybe you should become a campaigner! I have been relatively bite free to be honest…i think the secret is the Odomos Naturals Cream with Citroenella. I think Emma in Varanasi gave you that tip too…get onto it JLow!

  2. I tried that, I don’t think anything works for me, they are going to find me whatever I put on! Naughty blood suckers! Malaria campaigner sounds like it could be my calling…

  3. Oh, dear! I can totally sympathise with you! Once I went to Brazil in summer and the mosquitoes had a feast out of my blood. No matter what techniques I used, they’d always find a way to suck my (apparently) sweet, juicy blood. 🙁

  4. Are you sure you haven’t been savaged by bed bugs? I seem to recall that when I last had a run in with bed bugs I found that they liked to go for the feet and ankles?
    Going back to mosquitoes, in the UK a lot of people swear by something called Skin So Soft, made by the company Avon. It’s a body moisturiser, but for some reason mossies hate it. I tested it on some Thai Islands and it does indeed work. And it smells better than your average repellent too.

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