The best traveller playlist!

After my last blog showing that just one simple song can completely change your mood, it got me thinking of what other songs I have been listening to on my travels that really get me in the mood for an exciting day ahead.

I thought I’d share my latest travel playlist, which is split it into three sections. Read on for what songs I love to listen to and why below. (Links to youtube versions also included, you’re welcome!)

Inspirational and “Feel good” Tunes

As in my last blog post, when lacking confidence alone, this tune is your answer
Sound of Music – I have confidence

I know it’s cheesy but it never fails to make me feel happy!
Happy Days – Theme tune!

Reminds me of my time living in California, oh yes it’s another perfect blue sky day 🙂
Electric Light Orchestra – Mr Blue Sky

When you’ve had an epiphany of your purpose in life… or just of this trip
KT Tunstall – Suddenly I see

You’re travelling, if you don’t want to get out of bed today … hey, you don’t have to (though I recommend you do)
Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song

You’re not quite sure if you want to go out, but those new people you met over breakfast say its gone be a big one…
Ultrabeat – Megamix (OK, this is a personal guilty pleasure, I am sure you all have your own ‘getting ready for a big night out’ song, but Clubland … I love you!)


Songs to Wake Up To 

Helping you get out the right side of bed:

U2 – It’s a Beautiful Day
The Boo Radleys – Wake Up Boo
The Beatles – Good Day Sunshine
Bob Marley – Sun is shining


Bollywood’s Finest

And finally, a couple of my favourite songs from part 1 of my travels through Nepal and India:

Tees Mar Khan – Sheila Ki Jiwani
Darling Tere Liya  – Munni Badnam

travel blog, adventure, fun
Bollywood dancing in Bollywood outfits! ‘Sheeiillla, everybody loves Sheiiillaaaa’

So what do you think? Agreed or is my ‘occasionally’ odd taste in music not quite your cup of tea?

What would you add?

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  1. Awesome playlist….definately recommend Shelia Ki Jawanni for getting people up, dancing and in a feel good Bollywood move!

    1. Definitely! Sheeeiiillllaaaa, Sheila Ki jivani, I’m too sexy for you… yadayadayada (Hindi bit I don’t remember)

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