How to stick to your diet when travelling

Who finds it hard to stick to a diet when travelling? Dieting can be difficult at the best of times and even more so when you’re not at home. Whether for long term travel, short holidays or regular work travel, staying healthy on the road is far harder than at home.

It’s been a month since I started doing Slimming World and I’ve now lost 13lbs. Hurrah! That’s without doing much exercise (except lots of walking when I’m in London), and just sticking to the plan (most of the time).

When at home I find it relatively easy to stick to plan, and dare I say fun trying new recipes and being creative with the ‘free’ food I can eat. However as soon as I leave the house there is temptation EVERYWHERE and I mean everywhere. 

London on a diet

If I get peckish when I’m out it’s hard to find a healthy snack other than an apple or banana and don’t get me started on finding something more substantial for lunch or dinner. 

You’d think it would be relatively easy these days with all the varying diets people are on, gluten free, dairy free, meat free, but somehow sugar and unhealthy things still creep into lots of food found out and about.

When out in town last week I headed to Pret thinking surely there has to be something healthy in there, but when looking up syn values on my app it seemed almost everything except a fresh carrot juice was above my daily syn allowance. Whaaatt?!

I can just about keep to plan when I’m away for just one night or two, but any more and I am lost in a sea of pizza restaurants and deliveroo on tap!

Views from Travel lodge in Walthamstow

However after a couple of weeks of being in London more than at home it’s time to put a lid on it and find ways around the cruel world of ready meals and takeaways. 

Here are my top tips for sticking to your diet when travelling

Plan ahead with homemade meals and snacks

If you’re only away for a day or two then plan ahead as best you can with ready made meals from home. Food is almost always going to be healthier when you make it yourself as you know exactly what is going in it.

Tupperware is your friend

Rory from SW

When I am only in London for a couple of days I try to take 3 Tupperware’s with me, 2 for lunches (often a chilli or curry or pasta dish) and one filled with fruit to snack on throughout the days I’m away.

dieting when travelling - slimming world

I will buy a couple of yoghurts and some fresh strawberries when I arrive, and I always make sure my water bottle is regularly topped up and there is plenty of tea in the office too. 

Stay in an AirBnB over a hotel

Often a little 1 bed apartment or studio can be cheaper than a hotel, especially if it’s for a few nights. The best thing about this… you get a kitchen. So you can make your meals just as if you are back at home without being limited to takeaways or restaurants.

Eat a healthy but filling breakfast

If you’re staying in a hotel the chances are you will have a buffet breakfast. Just because there’s all you can eat sausages and bread and hot chocolate on tap it doesn’t mean you have to eat it all. 

There are usually plenty of healthy options on a breakfast buffet like fruit and yoghurt, or why not ask for some porridge made with water for your healthy B choice. (mum did just that and it worked a treat!)

Say no to the alcohol

I know, I know if you’re at a work conference and its unlimited free wine it takes every bit of strength to restrain yourself from drinking as much of it as possible. However it is possible, you can do it.

dieting when travelling

I went to my friend’s parent’s 40th wedding anniversary last weekend with flowing champagne and wine and somehow… just somehow, managed to go through the evening and only have 1 glass of bubbles on arrival.

I then kept filling my champagne glass up with water to trick myself (and everyone else) into thinking I was still on the booze! Not bad I say, and my head thanked me for it the next morning too.

Walk more

When I’m not working in London it generally means I’m working on the sofa, or occasionally at my desk, but either way I don’t walk far except a few steps to the kettle and back. I can easily go without leaving the house all day and my step count stays under 200. 

In London it’s a different story and I generally get 10,000 steps a day  without much effort, which has surely got to help my weight loss even if only in a small way?! Try to walk between meetings where possible and always take the stairs. Every step makes a difference. 

Resist the office cake and chocolate

Possibly the hardest part of going into an office two days a week… the amount of cake, chocolate and biscuits that seems to be on offer every day. Seriously! 

No advice except stay strong, you got this! Eat a banana! 

Make a salad

If you’re struggling for a kitchen to make any food and are away for a while then make up your own salad. Take a knife with you and an empty Tupperware container and mix up a healthy salad. You can buy ready cooked meats and can quickly cook some couscous or quinoa by boiling the kettle.

dieting when travelling - slimming world

Treat yourself 

If still in doubt, remember it’s only temporary. Treat yourself a little and try extra hard when you get home instead. I’ve certainly started looking at menu’s differently since starting dieting and look for the tastiest and healthiest options on the menu… rather than just the tastiest!

life's too short - eat cake first

I’m still learning myself but if you have any more tips on sticking to a diet when on the road I would love to hear them! 🙂

how to stick to your diet when travelling

Wish me luck for the next few days… 5 days in London, let’s hope I stick to my own guide! 

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