Watersports in Ras Al-Khaimah

I love active holidays. Send me white water rafting, trekking, sky diving or snowholing any day.

So when I was told I could take my pick and do whatever water sports my heart desired I jumped (literally jumped up and down) at the chance.

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Adventure Sports have three different locations where they do a variety of water and air sports, from diving and jet skis to parasailing and microflights.

The first day I went to get involved, the weather turned and all boats were taken back to the marina, it just seemed like a little wind to me, but these guys know their weather patterns and within a few minutes the wind had picked up and rain started lashing down. I really had brought the British weather to the UAE… and the desert of all places!


I went back the next morning when the sun was shining (thank goodness) and prepared for a fun morning on the water. Starting with a speed boat ride around the bay while they prepared the other boats. I was even allowed to drive, much to the distress of fellow passenger Nidhi.

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Next on the list was a donut ride. That’s when you are put into what looks like a large colourful blow up donut and dragged around the ocean by the speed boat I had just been driving. I got in and waited for them to strap me in, nope! no straps just hang on for dear life! So I did and I actually came back pretty unscathed, it was a brilliant exhilarating feeling and the perfect wake up call.

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But the fun didn’t end there, and immediately after the donut ride I was whisked off in another boat and prepared for taking flight above the sea on a parasail. Parasailing is a surprisingly calming activity. When you are sat up above the boat, being pulled along as you float in the air there is little more to do than breath and take in the scenery that surrounds you.

photo (13)

I was aware the Go Pro was watching me and me wondered just what to do about that, do I talk to the Go Pro, scream, smile, pull faces. I opted for a mixture of all and then duly edited out the majority of my silliness in the air.

It was soon time to return to solid ground and my time was running out before my next adventure so I had to very sadly decline the offer of a go of a microflight. THAT would have been something else. Still it is always good to keep something for next time.


Adventure Sports offer loads of different things to get your adrenaline pumping. You could easily fill your entire holiday on the beach, trying out the different activities, as I would have been quite happy doing nothing but water sports.


I made a short video of the fun I had at Adventure Sports, including a short chat with Cem and Uve, who, alongside other staff, took very good care of me on the water.

My #DTour is sponsored by Double Tree by Hilton. Though I have been asked to write blogs about my trip it is 100% my decision what I write about and I will be writing my personal opinions on the hotels, excursions and restaurants. Promise!

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