Picture Perfect – La Digue, Seychelles

I have tried out a new style of blog post below. I wrote this throughout the day, writing as I do, see, feel. Let me know what you think.

It’s 5.30am. I’m tired. Why did I think it was a good idea to take a trip that’s started at this crazy hour?


The sun is rising and Shakira is playing in the taxi, the driver is singing along and I can’t help but smile as we drive past the beautiful beaches watching the sun creep up, heating this picture perfect island.


I watch as the island of Mahe disappears from view on the boat to Praline. My stomach is doing that tense exciting flipping thing. You know the one when a wash of pure happy adrenaline washes over you. Today is going to be a good day, but right now I nap.


I want to squeal out loud. I’m going to La Digue, a little piece of heaven on earth, some of the best beaches in the world. Instead I sit in silence, the wind blowing freely through my hair. There aren’t many single travellers here, many loved up honeymoon couples, smiling, kissing. I’m alone but I think my smile could give them a run for their money.


I have spent the last three hours cycling down each coast of the island. You can see everything in a day, the island being approximately 12km all the way around. There are few vehicles and the primary form of transport is bike, with ox and cart coming in a close second.

The beauty on this island takes my breath away, even more exquisite than the photos I have been drooling over for days. My jaw drops more than once as I turn another corner and another perfect sandy white and pink beach is before me. I’m sure I could have cycled quicker if it weren’t for the many photos and videos I just had to capture.

Now the bike has been left two km away and I have walked the final stretch to anse aux codres. I lie in the shade snoozing while my new rasta friend Sean brings me fresh coconuts, almonds, mango and pineapple. He sings and talks as he works.

‘I pick the fruit and sell it to make money, not a bad life’


Sean loves to travel too, surfing across Africa. His next adventure to Indonesia. A friendly guy, wondering why I travel alone and asking if I get a lot of harassment from men on my travels.

So far I have been fine and found the men of The Seychelles nothing but smiles and friendly hellos.

I feel safe here.


The beaches are almost deserted, the boat brings no more than about 400 people a day to the island. Hotels are few and far between. A feeling of a peaceful, happy life oozes from every corner. The children cycling home from school, the older kids carrying their younger siblings on the bikes, singing all the way. It reminds me of one of my favourite films ‘My Girl’ you rarely see kids cycling alone back home these days.


I grab a quick drink at the islands 5* hotel, daydreaming of returning to this idyllic world once more.

It is 4pm and the boat leaves to return to Mahe, via Prahlen. I feel revived, fresh and at peace with the world.

I am honoured to have seen this beautiful part of the world, thank you La Digue for sharing your beauty with me.



I took a day trip to La Digue from Mahe Island. You can take a tour, including lunch, tour guide etc, but I chose to just organise my boat transport and a bike to rent on arrival. I much prefer to explore a place on my own terms, at my own pace than jumping on and off a tour bus. I organised my transport (hotel pick up and drop off, two return boats and bike rental) through Creole Travel, it cost around £90 which seemed a lot but was well worth it for visiting this incredible place and was cheaper than booking everything separately.

My #DTour is sponsored by Double Tree by Hilton. Though I have been asked to write blogs about my trip it is 100% my decision what I write about and I will be writing my personal opinions on the hotels, excursions and restaurants. Promise!

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    1. Thanks Rachel. I enjoyed doing it too. Think I will have to do some more. let me know if you write one like this.

  1. Hi Jen, very good writing indeed so it’s a thumbs up (from me at least) for the new style. The photographs are absolutely brilliant too – congratulations.

    Take care


    1. Thanks so much Ken. Glad you enjoyed it, definitely plan to write a few more like this. Posts always seem better when they come from the heart!


  2. We are right now on the Seychelles and stayed for 6 days on La Digue.It’s such a calm, relaxing place. You showed the beauty of this island perfectly! Unfortunately you stayed only one day 🙁 We saw sea turtles, giant turtles passing the street and even a small shark…

    1. Oh wow, lucky you. I wish I was there. I stayed only one day on La Digue but I had almost a week on Mahe. The beaches there are still rather spectacular. I didn’t see turtles but I did see lots of sting rays which was amazing. Enjoy your time in this beautiful part of the world.

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