6 Hours on the Isle of Capri

It is amazing what you can achieve when you wake up early in the morning.

Carpe Diem! 


My recent cruise certainly wasn’t a weekend of sleeping in and lazing in the sunshine. Though there may have been a percentage of lazing in the sunshine taking place, there was definitely no sleeping in. In fact it was late nights and early starts, but I wasn’t complaining, as each morning we woke up for a new adventure in a new city.


The best day was spent on the Isle of Capri off the Amalfi Coast. An organised tour that involved plenty of free time to wander and do your own thing on this beautiful island.

The morning started with breakfast delivered to my room by my butler (as you do), before heading off the big ship and hopping onto a fast hydrofoil boat for a quick ride across to the Isle of Capri. Our guide Anna made us laugh as she told us about the history of the island and what we would be doing that day. Starting with a visit to the highest point of the island on a chair lift. Instantly I imagine the 6 of us sat in a row on a chair lift similar to that at a ski resort.


We winded our way up the mountain along small roads, squeezing past the speedy beeping Italian drivers, moving higher and higher above the clear blue sea below. When we reached the small village area at Ana Capri, we had the choice of wandering around the shops around the small mountain town or heading upwards on the famed chair lift. Obviously I chose the chair lift and so pleased I did.


This chair lift wasn’t quite what I had expected, single chairs moved slowly up to the mountain above, with little more than a rickety rail across to stop you from falling out. Similar to the chairs on a fair ground ride you have to quickly hop on as it whizzes round and prepares to take off into the sky above. The views were incredible and I couldn’t help but think I was being lifted into the clouds. If you’re afraid of heights I can imagine you getting nervous of this trip up, but the views are worth it and though you are moving up high, you are never more than a few feet above the rising land beneath your feet.


There is a cafe at the top where you can sit an enjoy a coffee overlooking the expensive sail boats below, but we decided to head straight back down with just enough time to explore the winding streets full of locally made shoes and linen clothes. We met one adorable old man wanting us to buy some of his wife’s hand knitted baby boots. I didn’t buy any booties but we had a chat and took some lovely colourful photos.


How cute is this man?!

Next we hopped back into the bus and moved down another level with more beautiful views over the sea and a spot of lunch in a local cafe in the square.


Then it was time to do what everyone has to do on holiday.. sunbathe on the beach. There was a fun train ride down to sea level and a short walk to the beach. It wasn’t quite the perfect sandy beach I had imagined, with painful cobbled stones and hundreds of beach goers taking up almost every possible spot on the beach.


We managed to squeeze our towels down in a small space between families and full time tanning gods and run into the warm Tyrrhenian sea. Ok we didn’t run, instead I was the least graceful bather around as I embarrassingly hobbled across painful rocks until I belly flopped into the sea. But the pain was worth it, the water was glorious and just what we needed in the hot 30 degree heat.

After a couple of hours sunbathing it was time to grab a quick ice cream before heading back to the boat for some more sunbathing on the Silver Wind and a few cocktails by the pool.


All this before 4pm. Somehow I had a jam packed, relaxing, inspiring, historical and fun adventure all in the space of a few hours. Capri I could say I have ticked you off my list due to all the ways I experienced you, BUT… like with most places I visit, you have only left me thirsty for more and ready to book a holiday to see you again soon.

I went on a day tour to the Isle of Capri as part of my four day sponsored adventure aboard the Silver Wind. My first cruise and a trip I won’t forget.

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  1. I am glad you had a good time in Capri, the islands in the Gulf of Naples are all beautiful; my favourite is Procida, highly recommended for future visits!

    1. Thanks Davide. I did have a fab time. Will check out Procida next time I am in the area… I hope it isn’t too long until I am back.

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