Everything You Need to Know About Travelling in the UK

The UK is home to some of the world’s greatest places.  The UK is the home of history, culture, art and attractions. Cool Britannia is the ultimate accolade, and many people are keen to come to the tiny island and see it all. Of course, the UK is very small when compared to its European counterparts. So, if you are keen to see the country and all it has to offer you can do so in the UK. There are some truly stunning places for all to enjoy. The little island is home to amazing places. In short, you will be spoilt for choice.

Whether you are travelling in a couple, as a family or with a group of friends you will love everything that the UK has to offer.



Arguably, this is the greatest city in the world. If you want to experience a diverse culture, then London is the place for you. The city is something of a cultural melting pot, meaning that you can see a lot within the cities confines.

Westminster is must for any politics buff. You will adore the grandeur of the Houses of Parliament and be amazed at the tight security at 10 Downing Street. There is a whole host of things to do and see. Head to Camden for sophisticated cool. Camden is home to the famous Stables Market, which is a must for vintage lovers. The food square is delicious. You can treat yourself to French crepes, Jamaican jerk chicken and Moroccan Falafel, to name but a few of the gastro-treats available. With prices being reasonable within the market, you will find something to suit all palettes and budgets. It is street food at its finest. Head to the Tiki Bar and enjoy live music in a relaxed rooftop setting.

Buckingham Palace is a real regal sight to behold. If you want to see the stunning palace, be prepared for plenty of crowds and a mass of tourists. If you are lucky, you may even get a glimpse of bonny Prince George.

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The hectic lifestyle in London can be counteracted with a trip to Cornwall. Cream teas, pasties and sublime beaches make it an ideal spot for relaxation and recuperation. Head to Newquay for the party atmosphere, or Lands End to enjoy the pinnacle of England. The beaches in Cornwall are perfect. Clean, serene and the perfect spot to relax. Take your own clotted cream and make it a great day out. Cornwall is home to many fishing villages and tea rooms. If you want to see the most beautiful part of the UK, then head to Cornwall. There is not a tacky pier in site.


Brighton is somewhat synonymous with cool. It is the ultimate party capital, and you will be spoilt for choice when you are there. There are some amazing bars, clubs and pubs for you to dance the night away in. what is more, Brighton pier is culturally important for the Mods and Rockers of Brighton Beach. It truly is an amazing place. You are sure to love everything that Brighton has to offer. Be warned, the beach is made up of rocks, so it is not a perfect place to relax. Kick back and enjoy the happy, party vibe of Brighton and Hove. There is a zoo within the locality too, so if you are travelling with children, there will be plenty for them to do.


Stonehenge is nothing short of breathtaking. If you want to see one of the wonders of the world, you need to head to Salisbury. Stonehenge is an ancient druid site and can get very busy at peak times of the year. You cannot climb the rocks, but you can admire them from afar. You will be amazed by the site. Its historical significance cannot be ignored. While you are in Salisbury, head to Salisbury Cathedral and see the Magna Carta. This truly marvellous text is hidden behind a plethora of glass and security guards. After all, it is an important document in Britain’s long history. Get involved and take a look.

Loch Ness

Loch Ness has always held particular romanticism for all that encounter it. It is eerie and filled with wonder. The lake is large and, at times, bleak. You may even get a glimpse of the Loch Ness Monster. You will make your fortune if you do! The site is surrounded with tea rooms and places to eat. Once you have wandered around the confines of the great lake, you can relax and take in the sublime scenery around you. You are sure to be amazed by its breathtaking beauty. The Highlands of Scotland, in general, are nothing short of perfect. If you want to experience rugged hillside Scottish scenery, this is certainly the place to be.


Warwick is a superb town. It is a rich heritage and is nothing short of stunning. If you have time, head to Warwick Castle. The Castle is magnificent and has a heap of things for all the family to enjoy. You can witness live jousting and get involved with traditional baking. This summer, Warwick Castle is hosting a Horrible Histories tour. This allows little history buffs to get involved with the gory side of history. Entrance fees apply when visiting the Castle, so do be sure to book online to avoid disappointment.


Birmingham has had something of a negative press. Ignore the misconceptions and get yourself to the city centre. The Floozy in the Jacuzzi is a site to behold within the summer months. The Bull Ring is sure to keep you entertained and your bank balance light. The nightlife is amazing, with smaller live music venues, such as the Sunflower Lounge. There are also nightclubs within the Arcadian Centre, which is part of China Town.  There are a lot of restaurants to choose from too. There are big names such as Browns and the Gourmet Burger Company. There are also smaller, independent restaurants such as Adams on Bennett’s Hill. They are perfect for those that want to add a touch of class to their evening.

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