Exciting Ideas For Romantic Couples Retreats


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I have planned some amazing romantic breaks over the years and I want to share some of my ideas for a romantic getaway. The first step is to find out what your partner wants to do. Are they adventurous and want to go potholing in the Peak District? Do they want to snuggle up by a roaring fire in a chalet in the Alps with a nice bottle of wine? Once you have established the kind of break, you both want you are spoilt for choice in the UK and abroad. Below are some of my top destinations.

Paris is always a top choice with couples as the city is renowned for its romantic spots. You have the Seine, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. Some of the best areas are a little less known, Pont de l’Archeveche is a bridge near the Notre Dame. You may have seen it in films, lots of couples etch their names onto the back of a padlock, lock it to the bridge and then throw the key into the Seine – a grand romantic gesture! Montmartre is another amazing part of the city. Tiny streets filled with Cafe’s and entertainers culminating on the top of the hill in the Sacre Coeur, the church of the Sacred Heart.

The Alps are another fantastic destination, providing you, and your loved one are up for a spot of snowboarding or skiing. The region is filled with glorious sites and amazing skiing, the best of which is located in France. If you are a non skier, there are still things to do such as walks and relaxing in an amazing Chalet.  www.alpineinfusion.com gives you an indication of the top end chalets available. If however you are on a bit of a budget, you can get a hotel locally. There is nothing more romantic after a day on the piste as relaxing in front of an open fire overlooking the Alps.

Venice is my last spot for a romantic break; it is a little pricey, but you can’t put a price on love. My first tip is to try a water taxi. They are available near the airport and are one of the quickest and most pleasant ways of getting around this unique city. Stay away from the Gondola, although in theory they are more romantic, they sometimes feel cheap and touristy. My other top tip for Venice is to rent an apartment.

Hotels are ten a penny in Venice whereas an apartment lets you experience all that the city has to offer. Apartments come with kitchen facilities allowing you to cook up simple foods you love if you are not feeling too adventurous. Alternatively it gives you the option of trying out some of the local delicacies without feeling on show at a restaurant. The Rialto market is the hub of Venice and is where all the locals come to buy their food. You can pick up meat, vegetables and their famous seafood and then take it home and enjoy in the comfort of your rented apartment with your partner.

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