The girl who gets around is back!

Afternoon all, thanks for tuning in. The last month has been what you might call… busy! I have barely had time to call my mum let alone write a blog post. Actually that is a lie I have had time to call mama, just not as often as usual, and I have written a blog post about my favourite books written by inspiring women and reviewed the lovely Holiday Inn Express in Ealing, amongst other things. They don’t say if you want something doing, ask a busy person for nothing.

So to say I have been back to my old tricks of ‘getting around’ would be somewhat of an understatement. My feet have barely touched the ground in the last few weeks, moving from city to town, to the countryside to a new country, constantly on the move! So far in March I have slept in 11 different beds in 6 different hotels, they don’t say ‘She Gets Around’ for nothing!

It has been quite a rollercoaster with an immense variety of work, travels and fun times with friends and I have loved it! They say when you’re in your 30’s you start to understand yourself more, what makes you tick, the kind of people you want to spend your time with, the things you want to spend your time doing. 9 months into my 30s and I can finally say it’s true.

Derbyshire countryside, blue sky

Derbyshire countryside, blue sky

It didn’t start all clear mind and knowing what I want that’s for sure, but surrounding myself with positive, supportive people and believing in myself has led to a new me… or perhaps back to the old me?! A girl who craves adventure, is constantly on the move and who is never happier than when she is surrounded by fun time friends and family.

So with all this in mind, here is how my month has gone and why I have loved it so…

Freelance life

Work this month has been so so varied, just how I like it.

I have been continuing my work with RoomAuction, I have delivered training at UCL, Bristol, Sheffield and Regent’s Universities, I’ve done some social media consultancy for small businesses, have reviewed hotels, worked on the semi finals and finals for the Universities Business Challenge, written blog posts for myself and others, spoken at three university student halls about travel, continued working on the campaign for Refugee Week in June and developed new partnerships for this little blog. All in a few weeks work, and I am sure I have forgotten something.

It has been tiring, but good tiring, the kind of tiring that makes me sleep like a contented log at the end of each day, whatever bed I might be in.

Things are really taking off and April is looking set to be quite varied too.

You can find out more about what work I do on my work with me page and soon I will have a separate site to promote my freelance work, currently being put together by my friends (Nick and Millie) over at Onicko… your one stop shop for website and marketing mastery!

working at Timberyard, London

working at Timberyard, London


Travel has been primarily work focused and has taken me to Hull, Sheffield, London, Bristol, Bath and most recently to Austria, to review the beautiful Arlberg region and finally get my ski legs back. Lots more on that coming soon.

I also managed a weekend with friends in Folkestone, where the sun shined long enough for a water front walk and pub lunch. I’ve spent a grand total of four nights in my own bed so far this month, but am now back for Easter with the family in Derbyshire and Lincolnshire before jetting off to Poland on Wednesday to speak at a travel and tourism event in Gdansk.

Arlberg 1800 resort

Arlberg 1800 resort

Arlberg 1800 resort

Arlberg 1800 resort apres ski


I’ve written all about last month’s books in my ‘books I read in February‘ blog post and March’s books will be coming soon. I doubt I will make it to the full 6 this month but hoping for four and I can catch up when things calm down… if they ever calm down.

I would still love to hear your recommendations. I need to read more translations and am also keen for completely random books you might recommend that aren’t anything like my usual reads.


Well in case you hadn’t heard… I’m single. Life is certainly very different now, mainly due to being able to do what I want when I want. That said it has been hard, but I am keeping myself very busy with work, travel and Tinder! Online dating wasn’t huge when I was last single all those years ago, but boy how things have changed. I don’t know if it is possible to get a date without going online these days. Clubs are shutting down at an alarming rate and pubs are closing daily, because people aren’t out on the prowl anymore. Instead they’re sat on their sofas chatting online to complete strangers to see if they are worthy of putting on your make up and leaving the house.

I will write more about Tinder another day, but suffice to say it is keeping me thoroughly entertained. Never a dull moment when you have hundreds of Tinder ‘boyfriends’! 😉

Happy Easter 2016

Can’t wait to get stuck in with sharing all my tales from hotels I’ve reviewed, this week’s ski trip and lots still to post up from previous trips too. Time to get writing!

As always, thanks for reading and Happy Easter. See you on the flip side folks x

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  1. At last, it is so good to see you back where you should be.

    One of your “non” Tinder friends.

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