9 things that #MakesmeMe

I was recently asked by Nectar to join in their campaign asking What makes you You? I instantly thought it a perfect campaign to tag along with, so here I am telling you what #MakesmeMe.

FYI – This post was sponsored by Nectar but all words and thoughts are my own.

A few week’s ago I ran a session on creativity at the Blognix Retreat which was all about remembering that we are all creative and that we all have something unique inside us and outside of us, so this campaign was right up my street.

Nectar are asking customers what makes them unique and some lucky customers will win the prize of a lifetime, completely unique to them! Lucky them. Maybe it could be you?

So to join in the fun I thought I would share nine things that I think make me unique and here they are…

1 ) I grew up in a wood

Ok so only part time, as I also grew up in a converted cow shed, but when staying with dad I lived in the middle of an ancient woodland, for years in a caravan waiting for planning permission before they finally built our beautiful log cabin next to a lake. Completely unique, there isn’t another home like this one. Birds tweeting, rabbits running, peacocks crying, it is a perfect little haven and a wonderful place to have been lucky enough to grow up in and call home.

Hill Holt Wood

2 ) I hate cheese

Seriously, despise the stuff, makes me want to gag. I’m not lactose intolerant and eat all other dairy, I can’t imagine life without butter or ice cream, but cheese… blergh! Ironic considering my mum ran many a deli when I was growing up and I can sell cheese over the counter in her shops until I am blue (stilton) in the face, but put that stuff near my mouth and I will run a mile!

3 ) I once fell over twice on sports day in front of the whole school

It has been 15 years since that dramatic day so I am just about ready to share the story. It started with the hundred metres, I ran, I was almost there and then I fell, in front of the finish line where everyone was waiting, all 1600 students crowded along the line to watch the race. I quickly got up and finished the race, mortified, but I survived.

A couple of hours later it was time for the relay race and I was down for the final leg, the bit in front of the whole school. ‘Are you sure you’re ok running?’ my team mates said. ‘Of course, as if I will fall over twice’ … famous last words. Fast forward to the race and hey presto I fall again, just 10metres from the finish line. This time I stayed down, more mortified than before until my friend came to collect me. HOW embarrassing?! I remember it as if it was yesterday. Awkward!

4 ) Our dog Baxter the Legend is famous…

Well famous in my eyes, but if you Google him he definitely comes up top, because he is a legend. I love him a lot, he is the coolest dog around.

Baxter the Legend

Baxter the Legend

5 ) I am the one and only Jenny Lowthrop in the world!

If there is one way to be unique it is by having a unique name. There aren’t many Lowthrops out there in the world and there are even fewer Jenny Lowthrops… just one… me!

Jenny Lowthrop and Danish pastries

Photo by the awesome Macca from A Brit and a Broad

6 ) I write a travel blog called She Gets Around

OK that’s obvious and maybe I am clutching at straws but no one else writes a blog called She Gets Around because it’s mine, all mine! Every blog post on here is unique and written especially for this little blog and all you lovely readers… now that is a whole lot of uniqueness.

Scarborough views

7 ) I want to go everywhere and do everything (almost)

I would say I definitely have an urge to do more than most, whether it’s to hike a particular mountain, visit a certain country or try a new activity. I haven’t yet bothered writing my bucket list as it would just be too long. Unless there is an extreme chance of dying then chances are I want to do it!

Derbyshire driving

8 ) I broke my collar bone on my first night at university

I’m not sure if anyone else was ever as stupid as me to break a bone on their first night at university, or perhaps it is probably a common occurrence during Fresher’s week. I was in the midst of a dance off with my new housemates, fell splat on the floor (are you seeing a falling over pattern here?!) and somehow broke my collar bone and from then on was known as ‘sling girl’.

9 ) My job

I may do similar things to many, social media, blogging, training but I like to think that each client gets a unique perspective and my combination of work is different to everyone else. I never know what each week will bring, let alone what I will be doing next year. Life is unpredictable and I like it that way.

Jen Lowthrop

So there are a few little things that I think make me unique, do share what makes you unique.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning one of Nectar’s awesome prizes then tell them what makes you unique on their site, MakesMeMe or share your uniqueness on social media using #MakesmeMe

‘Being different isn’t a bad thing, it means you are brave enough to be yourself’ Unknown

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