Can You Give Up The Tan For A Winter Holiday This Year?

For many people, when we think of having a holiday, we think of hot sun, sandy beaches and plenty of cocktails. Some of us may be more adventurous than others, or we may want to take on some excursions to try and see more of the local culture. The trouble with taking holidays in the summer is everyone else wants to do that too. And the boss always manages to prioritise those with school age kids for leave in the summer! If you fancy something a little different, think about taking your holiday leave in the winter.

A winter holiday in a wintry country may not get you a super tan, but you can still maximise your stay away with a wealth of great activities. There are so many different things to try that you will have plenty to talk about when you get back. Maybe you are after some winter sun and a relaxing time away. But if you’re up for some adventure and unique places to stay, then it may be time for you to take a winter holiday with a difference.

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For accommodation, why not try an ice hotel or even a glass igloo? You could always try sleeping in a luxury tree house with views out over the treetops in the forest. Take a husky expedition of Safari, and view the Aurora Borealis from a snowmobile. There are dozens of exciting activities to make your holiday this winter a trip of a lifetime. You could even visit Lapland, and try your hand at some midnight sun photography. There are several travel agents specialising in winter holidays including The Artisan Travel Company to help you book the right activities for you.

Enjoying everything quirky about the Swedish architecture, you can stay in a fabulous tree top hotel, using rope bridges and tree walkways to reach your rooms. This kind of accommodation blends in beautifully with its surroundings and offers a unique view and perspective from high up. Look out into the treetop canopies and see what the forest has to offer. Alternatively, stay in one of the glass igloos that offer exceptional views of the Aurora Borealis from your bed all night long. You really are sleeping under the stars in this design, but warm and snug under the glass.

If you are feeling active, you can take treks or snowmobiles to some of Sweden’s  best local attractions. See the wildlife at night on a safari, or visit Lapland to see some reindeer. These winter holidays really do offer experiences you just can’t get anywhere else at any other time of year. Use huskies or ride in a sleigh to get around. You can even ski, and take on some cross country skiing lessons to help you navigate the terrain. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you will certainly enjoy some incredible experiences. If you think a winter holiday is for you, then it may be time to pack your winter woollies and get out there for an amazing adventure holiday.

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