The best relaxing getaways

When many of us book our holidays, we picture ourselves lounging by a pool, quietly sipping on a cocktail in the sun. Unfortunately the reality can often differ slightly from this. Whether it be a hotel that bears an uncanny resemblence to a building site, an unexpected day stuck in an airport terminal, or even just packing too much into your itinerary, your holidays can sometimes leave you feeling more exhausted than when you left!

So to avoid this scenario, we’ve compiled a list of a few ideas for relaxing getaways where you can retreat into a quiet haven and emerge from your holiday feeling truly refreshed and rejuvenated!

The spa holiday

Zanzibar flowers

Spa holidays are really starting to grow in popularity, and many hotels simply aren’t complete without the full range of spa facilities. This derives from a theme that emerged in the Victorian times where people would go on holidays to recuperate and revive themselves. So now many spas are offering courses in ‘wellness’ that promise to make you feel like a new person through an immersive range of treatments, saunas and massages.

Great places to experience this in the UK include the award-winning Ragdale Hall in Leicestershire, but if you fancy an exotic twist, then head to Budapest – famous for its beautiful open air spas! Spa hotels really offer the best in relaxation experiences, so if you like being pampered then maybe this is the best option for you!

Getting back to nature

Wast Water

However, for many of us, the fatigue and exhaustion that we feel is often derived from the pressures of the modern world. So turn off your mobile, and head to the wonderful wilds of our nation with some of the basic home comforts to tide you over and you’ll feel the stress lifting in no time.

The wonderful west coast of Scotland is a great place to rejuvenate with its crystal clear water, windswept golden sands and the iconic Scottish highlands in the background. It’s a great place for a bit of rambling, but if you’re worried about getting to the top of Ben Nevis, then check out these handy sleep pattern tips that’ll give you that extra bit of energy!

Relaxation through activity

mountain biking newcastle

And then at the opposite extreme, many of us can seemingly only feel at peace when we’re doing something. So with this in mind, a good cycling holiday can cover the best of both worlds. You’ll get to see some spectacular scenery at your own pace, stay active, and then earn that well-deserved sleep at the end of the day!

With this in mind, there’s some great cycling routes in France that take advantage of the government-sponsored green ways scheme that have restored abandoned rail tracks into nice and flat cycling routes. These form a great network quick and easy routes for you to cycle away to your heart’s content away from the hustle and bustle of traffic!

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