Top Tips for Travelling the UK in Summer Sports Season

Summer is upon us here in Blighty, which means (amongst other things): flash thunderstorms, roasting heatwaves, smoky barbecues and the earnest beginning of the summer sports season. That last one is a blessing for some, but a bit of a curse for others – particularly the wandering type (like myself!). The UK’s major cities become hosts to a wide variety of major sporting events over the summer months, making travel and sightseeing quite troublesome thanks to hordes of fans, and the inevitable transport lockdown/teeming streets. I’ve listed below some of the things summer has in store for the UK, with some tips and tricks to avoiding the crowds and keeping your adventure worry-free!

29th June – 12th July: Wimbledon Championship, London

Tennis fever’s struck the UK at the moment as world-class tennis players battle it out in the southwest of England’s own London town. A sad side effect of that fever is a choked-up London while patriotic Brits and sports tourists channel through the centre to the London Borough of Merton. Travel around London shouldn’t be too bad though; most of the action is far from the centre, and any issues you’ll have will largely be transport based. To dance around any possible crowds, keep an eye on the match listings and try to pick a time to arrive/leave that doesn’t clash.

8th July – 24th August: The Ashes, Cardiff/Lord’s/Edgbaston/Trent Bridge/The Oval

This century-old Test cricket series between England and Australia comes to roost in Britain through July and August, with a total of 5 Tests played in various places, from London to Cardiff via Surrey, Nottinghamshire and Birmingham. These events are officially localised to 4-day stints, allowing you to effectively circumnavigate the afflicted cities, but match lengths change dependent on how the game is going. Keep an eye on cricket news and travel reports, and you can stay abreast of the easy path. Try here for more cricket news in the meantime!

16th-19th July: Golf Open, St. Andrews

If you’re planning on exploring Scotland’s east coast this summer, be sure to be careful of St. Andrews in July! Colloquially known as ‘the home of golf’, St. Andrews draws in thousands of visitors for the three days of international golf competition that occurs from the 16th to the 19th. A simple bit of travel planning will easily avail you of any difficulties.

28th-30th August: British MotoGP round, Silverstone

Last on our summer list, and sort of least, we have the motorhead’s dream: the MotoGP. After some partnership troubles with Donington Park, this and next year’s motorbike grand prix will be held at the world-renowned Silverstone racecourse in Northamptonshire. The great thing about the MotoGP this year is that Silverstone is well, well out of the way, meaning the only troubles you travellers are likely to face include some transport hiccups on the 28th, and the danger of enthused bikers taking to the streets in unison!

So there you have it: a brief guide to the summer’s sporting festivities and what to do in the face of them. In essence, a bit of forward planning and an eagle eye for updates and last- minute changes will do you a world of good!

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