Dreaming from a rainbow in Aarhus

There is something about rainbows…

The surprise flash of colour in an otherwise dull sky. 

The promises of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The magical effect of a natural multicoloured wonder towering over us. 

They aren’t that uncommon but rainbows never fail to make us smile and stare in awe! 

This is why visiting Aarhus’s rainbow in the sky was a magical dream come true. After walking around the city looking at many more beautiful sites my feet were tired and I was ready for a rest, but the rainbow quickly woke me up and filled me with energy to jump, smile and walk around… and around this magical piece of art. Aarhus’s rainbow panorama has been a landmark of the city since it was opened in 2011. It is a must see for every visitor and worth every penny to visit. To top it off the rest of museum has some great art too, including a rainbow room (in case you want more rainbow love in your life), a very giant lifelike man and some classic Monet if you aren’t a modern art type.

aros rainbow panorama greenAros rainbow yellowaros rainbow panorama yellowAros rainbow panorama oranagearos rainbow panorama orangearos rainbow panorama orange and redaros rainbow panoramaaros rainbow panorama purplearos blue rainbow panorama

aros rainbow panorama blue shoes

Out of the darkness


Ron Muecks Boy

IMG_3665 Now if this hasn’t made you want to visit Aarhus?! Go quick and make a wish on a rainbow. aros museum rainbow panorama I was in Aarhus on a press trip with Visit Denmark and Visit Aarhus. As ever I choose what I want to write about and everything is 100% honest.

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  1. Thank you for the colorful description of the Rainbow House in Aarhus. I am planning on going to Denmark in the near future. There is a lot to see of course. . . .

    But my main mission is to see the farm my family owned in the 19th Century, which is about ten miles from the town of Hjorring.

    I am a writer, but I also do art (as a professional). I aspire to do nothing but write my novels, screenplays, and plays, and paint huge paintings. I will try this in Europe as well. . . . I’ve worked in London many years ago, and there are many things still to see there as well. And France. . . .(to polish up my very rusty French).

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