Mississippi Bucket List – Here Is the List of Top Picks

The USA’s 20th state is quite well-known for its intriguing Civil War history, its title as the birthplace of blues music and a thriving agribusiness economy.

This place boasts a unique culture which attracts visitors from all around the world.

Mississippi is resplendent with a distinctly unique American culture. It comprises of not only beautiful beaches but also is home to some delicious southern food.

So, if you are looking forward to relaxing with sand in between your toes and listen to pure American blues music, Mississippi is the appropriate place for you. It would welcome you with classic southern hospitality.

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The best things to do in Mississippi

Mississippi also is known as the Hospitality State of the USA, offers some of the most spectacular sights and places to visit.

So, let’s delve into the fascinating aspects of visiting this beautiful place.

Drive along the Mississippi Great River Road and visit the state Capitol.

If you are looking for one of the best scenic roads in the USA, Mississippi has it. The Great River Road runs the length of the United States following the winding Mississippi River.

If you are in the Magnolia State, make sure you don’t miss this top-notch leisure activity! You can also opt to visit the Mississippi state, Capitol Jackson. It serves as the centre for government affairs in Mississippi.

During a tour of the Capitol, you can admire the portraits of Mississippi state leadership. However, you should note that the visits to the capitol building are usually only offered on weekends.

The Lynn Meadows Discovery Centre

This place which should be on your itinerary. The Lynn Meadows Discovery Centre is an ideal getaway for your kids in the US. It comprises of a series of outdoor and indoor exhibits for kids of all ages. You would be awe-stuck to know that there are 15000 square feet of hands-on exhibits.

It also includes the Super Colossal Climbing Structure. You can also tour plenty of other shows which would help your kids learn about math and science.

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Elvis Presley’s Birthplace

Opt for a tour to the birthplace of Elvis Presley The quiet Mississippi town of Tupelo is the birthplace of Elvis Presley. Being one of the most notable musicians of all time, a visit to this place is a compulsion for you.

Elvis Presley attended church in Tupelo, played shows and made his first radio show in the town of Mississippi.

Nowadays, visitors can select from several Presley-themed tours which provide you with a glimpse of Elvis’ childhood.

Witness the aura of Blue Music History by visiting the Rock and Blues Museum

The Rock and Blues Museum seeks to preserve the blue music history of Mississippi. It is located in the legendary Clarksdale freight depot and contains approximately 7000 square feet of exhibit space.

You can visit the travelling and permanent exhibits of some famous blue stars of the universe. You can also admire the photographic exhibitions along with artefacts collected from popular blues events.

The museum organises educational programs for visitors of all ages.

Eat like a true Southerner

Sure, everyone eats multiple times a day, but eating in Mississippi is an entirely different experience.

If you want to enrich your taste buds with Southern comfort food, grab tamales or Frito Pie. Fried catfish is one of the diet essentials of the people of this Magnolia state.

Another enticing aspect of food delicacies in Mississippi is that you can also avail barbecue options. If eating at a sophisticated place is on your radar, visit some upscale areas in Mississippi.

Go hiking

Mississippi is never short of things you can pursue outside, and hiking is one of the best.

The Turkey Fork Recreational Area is surrounded by great trails which are not only picturesque but offers you with a plethora of adventures.

You can also opt to hike in National Parks like J.P. Coleman State Park located in the Tishomingo County. It would also offer you with some breath-taking trails and easy to moderate levels of hiking.

See a play

Arts are an essential part of Mississippi’s culture, especially theatre.

If you want a unique experience, you can head to Vicksburg. The theatre association in this part of Mississippi would enthral you with some best on-screen dramas.

This theatre association’s longest-running show is the presentation of Gold in the Hills. Apart from the activities mentioned above, you can opt to spend some quality time on Mississippi’s Gulf coast beaches.

They are a hidden gem and are nestled between Florida and Alabama.

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