Four Different Things To Do On A Return Visit To Florence

Florence is one place in the world that you couldn’t possibly tire of visiting. In fact, most Florence lovers would agree that the city gets more beautiful and interesting the more it is explored. The interest doesn’t stop once you’ve seen the main attractions like Il Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio. There are so many incredible things to do and see in this marvelously magical city. If you rubbed the nose of Il Porcellino on your last visit to Florence, you will be returning to the city again. So here are four ideas for different things to do in this city.


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1. A night time tour with a difference

Exploring Florence at night is a must. The shops central district stay open until late, and the restaurants and bars remain lively until the early hours of the morning. And if you think Florence looks magnificent during the day, wait till you see how enchanting she is when lit up at night. There are a number of led night time tours you can take in Florence. Our favourite is the evening Segway tour. While walking is a great way to explore the city, on a Segway you cover so much more ground and, let’s face it, it’s a lot of fun!


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2. A wine tasting trip

Italy, and especially Florence, is well known for it’s delicious culinary offerings and beautiful wine. If you love your Italian wine and want to know more about it, we would recommend a Florence wine tasting day trip. On such trips, you’ll get the opportunity to savour the local produce while finding out all about how the wine is made in this region. A lot of wine tour operators will tailor the trip just for you and your travel group. So this is a great thing to do if you are visiting with family and friends or celebrating something special.


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3. Visit a secret garden

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and find somewhere quiet and serene, head to the Giardino Bardini. This Renaissance garden is perfectly manicured, with beautiful and varied plants and a huge range of statues. From these gardens you will be treated to panoramic views of the city. Take a small picnic and just enjoy those breathtaking surroundings.


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4. Enjoy aperitivo with the locals

At around 7pm each evening the locals head for aperitivo; a pre-dinner drink and snack. Although you’ll pay a bit more for you wine or prosecco, you will be treated to a generous spread of bread, olives, meats and cheeses to enjoy with your drink. Wine caves, bars and restaurants around Florence open for aperitivo. So it’s just a matter of trying a few out and finding your favourite. It’s a hard life!

Florence is a city that never fails to delight its visitors, no matter how many times you’ve been. There are so many new and exciting things to do in and around the city. We hope you have fun doing plenty of different things on your next trip to Florence.

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