Cruising to Cool — Some of the Most Awesome Places on the Planet to Cruise To

When it comes to taking a holiday, a cruise is the ultimate escape. Adventure and inspiration await on the boundless oceans and endless possibilities open up before you as you pull into each new port. Most cruises visit loads of destinations, but don’t feel you always have to go with the crowd. The world’s far-flung corners hold real gems, with Cunard Cruises or other operators able to whisk you away to some of the most adventurous.

The Norwegian Fjords

Although they’re much closer to home, the fjords of Norway seem utterly wild to many Europeans. Mountains arc their backs beneath the sky and the scenery seems to flood your vision from every corner as you drift soundlessly down a narrow inlet. You can almost picture a pack of wolves emerging from the trees, or a Viking longboat appearing out of the mist — until you make a stop in a Scandinavian city and experience the most modern of dining or clubbing scenes!

The Antarctic Coast

Antarctica is quite literally one of the coolest places on the planet! The soaring glaciers will take your breath away and floating icebergs give the blue ocean an otherworldly appearance. You’ll pass colonies of penguins while whales and sea lions playfully dart through the water. There’s nothing quite like lounging on deck with a drink in hand while a towering wall of ice drifts slowly by, leaving you in its shadow.

The Middle East

If warm weather is more your thing, a cruise along the Arabian Peninsula could satisfy your craving for sun and expand you horizons all in one go. The Middle Eastern dunes are infused with a kind of mysticism and are even more enchanting when you see them passing by like a dream from the deck of your ship. The ports you’ll stop at are at once familiar and exotic. If you venture into the streets, you’ll find a world of exciting sights and smells as you explore bustling markets and eat pleasantly spicy street food.

The Far East

The Far East features magnificent scenery and some of the most lively port cities in the world, while remaining unfamiliar enough to provide plenty of thrills to the average European traveller. On your way to ports in Indonesia, Thailand and China you’ll see jungles, mountains and waterfalls. Whenever you drop anchor it’s another opportunity to plunge into the depths of vibrant neon cities, or set off to see ancient ruins that are permeated with history.

Whatever destination screams ‘unequivocally cool’ to you, be sure to invest a little research time to get the most out of your cruise. Before you know it you’ll be on deck, a scrumptiously smooth drink in one hand and an unforgettable vista before your very eyes.

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