Things To Do In Paris For You And The Kids

Although Paris is famously known as the ‘’city of romance,’’ it is also home to some brilliant attractions that the kids can get involved in too.

So let’s get straight to it!

Things to do in Paris for you and the kids

Parc de la Villette

Once an abandoned industrial wasteland, now a rebranded futuristic landscape in the shape of a theme park. The structures and activities you’ll find here were designed by Architect Bernard Tschumi with a child’s imagination in mind. Kids tend to want to spend the entire day at Parc de la Villette, because of how addictive the attractions are, so get there early to avoid disappointment

image courtesy of Tom.Bricker

The Cite des Enfants

Thought of as one of the best children’s museums on the planet – The Cite des Enfants is located adjacent to the Parc de la Villette, so you have the potential of spending two days here. The museum itself is intelligently designed and child-friendly. There are so many things to do here; you’ll most certainly have to drag the kids away from the attractions. Again, you need to book in advance and turn up early – it’s that popular.

Jardin d’Acclimatation

Designed in the 19th century, the Jardin d’Acclimatation has a classic french feel to it but has recently been upgraded with a selection of superb rides like a jungle boat adventure!

Newcomers are advised by those who have been to the park, to arrive via the “petit train” that departs from the Potre Maillot. It’s  a narrow vintage train that chugs through the outskirts of the Bois de Boulonge before dropping you off at the entrance. The park is crammed with fun things to do, like a zoo, a sprinkler park, and a vast selection of rides.

Paris Plage

Paris Beach is a man-made beach with tons of the finest golden sand sprayed upon the banks of the Seine. It has all the typical beach-like attractions such as food stalls, bouncy castles, volleyball, live music and loads more beach themed games for kids and adults.

Jardin du Luxembourg

The southwest corner of the Jardin du Luxembourg is purely devoted to ids. It includes and acres and acres of slides and swings and only costs €1,50 to enter, and an extra €1 for a coffee! Price won’t matter at all when you’re sitting back amongst the shade of beautiful, century-old trees whilst the kids run themselves ragged. To unwind, take the kids to see the puppet theatre, oh, and of course – the famous carousel is something not to be missed.


The top of every child’s wish list, and probably every adult’s list too. Catch all your favourite Disney characters, and embrace the nostalgia. A trip to a theme park like Disneyland can set you back a bit, especially if you have a large family. Finding somewhere to stay is also a bit of a headache – so check out if you want to find some cheaper hotels in fantastic locations.

So if you’re thinking about Paris this summer, be sure to get involved with some of the activities mentioned above. You’re sure to have an amazing time.

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