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What is a workation and is it the next big way to travel? #Ad

Holidays, Staycations, what’s next? I am certain Workations will be the next big way to travel.

Digital nomads have been doing it for years, travelling and working abroad. Laptops on the beach, by the pool, while sailing around an island. the possibilities of where you can work have been endless.

However, until recently it has been something that was only for freelancers and digital business owners. People who are their own boss. They choose when and where they want to work. As long as there is a decent wifi connection, anywhere is possible.

Things are changing though, and Covid19 has just sped up the working change many have been predicting for years. As many offices shut down and many people are likely to continue working from home after the pandemic ends. Now is the time to take your laptop away with you and get more travel in while you work.

Thank you to CIA Landlord Insurance for sponsoring this post. Something I have needed to update myself, read to the bottom to find out why! 🙂

what is a workation blog post

What is a workation?

A workation is a holiday or vacation where you work too. If your company or boss lets you work from home then really that means you can work from anywhere.

Why work from your kitchen table or home office when you could book a cottage by the sea and work from there. Or perhaps head to the South of France and finish work with a chilled glass of Rose on the beach?

A workation is a chance to see more places and not be limited to your annual leave.

what is a workation blog post

Why would I want to work on holiday?

Your workations shouldn’t replace your holidays. I am a big believer of breaks and the huge importance of regular rest. You should definitely still take holidays where you don’t take your laptop, or check your emails or do any work whatsoever!

Workations are a chance to see new places, to sit in new coffee shops, be inspired by different surroundings and know that when you are doing it you’re still being paid! Bonus.

I’ve taken a fair few workations over the years as I work for myself, so have had freedom from an office for years before Covid. As a freelancer if I am not working I don’t get paid, so being able to occasionally travel and bring my work with me is the dream.

what is a workation blog post

Where should I work for my workation?

Well in simple terms, you could take your workation anywhere. The world is quite literally your oyster.

However there are a few things you probably want to consider before booking your workation.

  • Is there decent wifi? – this is probably the most important thing if you want to be able to work.
  • Is there a quieter spot I can work? – You may want to see if there is a local coworking space you could use or your hotel has a comfy quiet lobby area.
  • What is the time difference? – ok it would be great to head to New Zealand for a few weeks, but you will probably be working through the night and not get to enjoy much of New Zealand!
  • Can I afford it? – I mean obviously this should probably be number one. Going on more holidays is going to cost more. Maybe you could staycation at a friends house or do a house swap to try somewhere new without it costing a fortune.

Where would you like to go first on a workation?

what is a workation blog post

Introducing Coworking Corner – Matlock’s workation spot!

If you’re thinking of heading on a UK workation then I have just the place! I opened a Coworking space!

Coworking Corner is a small friendly coworking space in Matlock, Derbyshire. We are available for a half day, full day, a week, a month, whatever you need.

It has been tough getting set up alongside my main business. There have been so many things to do. From changing my landlords insurance, to many trips to Ikea and creating a new website and yet another Instagram account.

We are more than just a desk for a day, we are a community. A space to meet new people, be inspired, collaborate and have fun working together from a creative space.

Coworking Corner in Matlock

If you would like to find out more drop us an email or call in and say hello. We are on the edge of the Peak District, so a perfect workation in the countryside. Surrounded by green fields, walks for days and lots of small local businesses to try while you’re here.

Do you think you will book a workation anytime soon?

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