Why my goal for 2021 is to ‘Do a little bit’

‘Do a little bit’ doesn’t sound very ambitious for a new year goal does it?

But this is 2021, the follow on to that horrible year 2020, that so far isn’t looking so great either.

We need to be kind to ourselves, to take things slow, to remember we are still in the middle of a pandemic. There is a whole host of sh*t going on in the world, not to mention the recent goings on in America!!

Therefore this year I have decided my goals are small in appearance, but will keep moving me, my business and my blog forward in the direction I want to go.

2021 Goal – to ‘Do a Little Bit’

goal for 2020 - do a little bit

This phrase to ‘Do a little bit’ came from my boyfriend Olly. I found last year hard, really difficult. Who didn’t?! My mental health took a nose dive and so did my confidence.

However it was Olly who was cheering me on and supporting me through. Day in day out. Hugging me as I cried myself to sleep, cheering me on when I felt like the worst Agile Coach… Happiness Trainer… Blogger… *insert job I do*…!

The phrase that kept coming up when I was sat at my desk having a meltdown was ‘just do a little bit’. Just start! Just write a list, Just make a plan, Just put down some bullet points… just ‘DO A LITTLE BIT’.

And you know what… it worked!

Because sometimes all we need to do is start.

How to actually move forward with your goals

Half the battle of getting outside for a run is putting your running gear on and stepping outside.

When you’re feeling sad about a particular relationship, sometimes all you need to do is pick up the phone, dial and start talking.

When you’re stressing over a piece of difficult work, sometimes you have to just sit down at your computer and write the title.

So this is why my motto and goal for the year is to ‘do a little bit’, because lots of little bits make something bigger.

We start with something small and eventually it becomes something big.

I have some more specific goals for my blog, my business and life. However I am not seeing them as huge scary big things I won’t be able to achieve, or even things I MUST achieve. I am just taking each day as it comes and doing a little bit. Moving forward, one tiny step at a time.

To get through the hardest journey we need to take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping

Chinese Proverb

Perhaps I won’t make it as far as I hope, I won’t read all the books I’m aiming to read, or exercise as much I want to or build my business to the place I want it to be.

But by doing a little bit, I know I will be moving in the right direction, moving forward. At whatever pace 2021 allows for.

Whether you’re a parent trying to homeschool your kids, you’re an entrepreneur launching a new business, product or service or you’re just trying to get through each day of lockdown…

Be easy on yourself, take a rest, breathe… and when you’re ready just do a little bit.

goal for 2020 - do a little bit

Why doing a little bit can help with your wellbeing

When the first lockdown in the UK came into force we were all bombarded with ways to stay productive. I was one of those people sharing my productivity tips, (which I still stand by).

Then everyone said to just stop and relax. We can’t be productive all the time. Just getting out of bed is sometimes enough. Stop forcing being productive down people’s throats, we’re in a pandemic!

And though in principle I agree with this… If all we do every day is get out of bed and maybe move to the sofa and eat chocolate fingers and watch more ‘Bones’ on the TV (what I do on my down days right now!). Well that isn’t great for our wellbeing either.

As humans we need to do something. We need to feel a sense of accomplishment, we want direction and purpose in life. If all we do is watch TV, we aren’t going to feel great.

We need to get the balance right.

We need to adjust our goals to be more realistic to the situation. And not wanting to feel like a broken record, but when we just do a little bit, we will feel better.

Send an email and tick it off your list, wash the bedsheets and tick it off the list, write the outline for your strategy and tick that bit of your list. Just do a little bit.

I promise you will feel better. You will probably feel more motivated to do more. Sometimes all you need to do is start and the rest will follow.

Sending hugs to you all in this strange time we are in. Do things your way, times are tough. Tough for everyone, but in so many different ways. We are all facing our own battles right now and I am sending lots of love to each and every one of you, whatever your circumstances.

Jen x

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