5 Fantastic Holiday Ideas For Urban Travel

Traveling is fun, but traveling costs money too. It can be expensive to travel, especially in the big urban cities. If you are planning a trip or are going to live in a big city, then these tips could help you know how to keep those expenses under control. A trip definitely becomes more enjoyable if you are keeping your expenses on track and not going scarily beyond your budget!

Here are my top tips for saving money for city travel.

Look for the cheapest flight options

Keep an eye on different airlines and capture the cheap flights by searching every couple of days. Some websites and apps provide instant comparisons and where you can get the cheapest international flights. Many airlines advertise discounted flights during the unpopular hours and days. Avoid travelling during the weekends and the holiday periods. Join the Frequent Flyer Program and start earning points that can get converted to free miles later on. I just got my first American Express card and I’m excited about gaining Avios points with everything I buy!

Handle your currency intelligently

Buying or exchanging currency at the airport can be far more expensive as they have a poor exchange rate. You can always think and plan ahead to order online from your bank or get your notes from the post office before you fly and use the right credit card. I generally withdraw cash once I get there as banks give decent exchange rates, however you will probably get charged to withdraw cash. There are some banks and debit cards that offer free cash withdrawals abroad so try and find those to save pounds!

Look for cheaper places to stay

There are loads of decent and affordable hostels and guesthouses all over the world, you might just have to do a bit more research to find them. Make sure you find a place that is central or near where you plan on spending most of your holiday to save money on travel once you get there.

5 Fantastic Holiday Ideas For Urban Travel; stay in cheap accommodation
staying off the beaten track could save you money! Venice, Italy


When checking in, ask for discounted rates and free meals for children. Sign up for loyalty and rewards programs too as they might give you a free night next time you travel. Everyone loves free accommodation!

Spend less on travel

It is best to explore on foot and walk wherever you can. Use the public transport where possible, and you also get a more authentic travelling experience. It’s amazing what you can find when you just wander without a plan… obviously stay safe though and don’t go wandering into any dodgy neighbourhoods!

5 Fantastic Holiday Ideas For Urban Travel; cheap public transport
Using rickshaws or tuk-tuks are great, cheap options! Bangkok, Thailand


If you do want to hire a car then go for the best options for car rental, if you shop around you can find some really good last minute deals all over the world. The car you hire should be secure and under warranty and remember to go through the company’s fuel policy and ask if your rental limits the mileage in any way too. Look for added costs too as they often try and add on additional costs once you pick up the car. You can also rent a bike or cycle to save money.

Eat healthier and authentic options

If you want to save money on food and get to taste the local food, it is best to stay away from the tourist streets and popular restaurants. You can always get much cheaper and more authentic food if you just move over a street or two. Street food is always popular with tourists and very cheap, though check the price in advance as they often seem more likely to scam you. I found this in Morocco! You can save big bucks by buying cheap food and cooking your meals, I love foreign supermarkets and you can get some great bargains!

5 Fantastic Holiday Ideas For Urban Travel; eating in Morocco

Apart from the above tips, you can save pounds by looking for free options as you travel or when you stay in an urban city. There are always low-cost activities and free attractions going on in the city. Take advantage of these discounts and freebies to make the most of your trip. There could be free shows or museum trips on certain days. Just follow the above-listed tips on how you could save hundreds of dollars and get the best value out of your money for urban travel.

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