Blogging confessions and a life update

Oh hi there October… Say whaaattt?! How did it become October already? Less than 100 days left of the year!!? Anybody else feel like time is faster than ever right now?

I’m still getting myself ready for summer and somehow it has already passed me by and it’s now Autumn. Well needless to say I am feeling somewhat out of my depth when it comes to how fast this year is whizzing by and so am going to blame my terrible blogging standards on the speed of time. That’s cool right?!

Ok maybe not, so in the spirit of honesty here are a few of my blogging confessions…

Blogging confessions

I haven’t hit my targets

At the beginning of the year I set myself some blogging targets, including number of blog posts, number of videos, page view increases, etc. Well it isn’t the end of the year yet, but I can safely say I have failed at every single one. I was so pumped and ready for this year and feel like all my blogger besties around me are smashing their blogs and going from strength to strength while I sit here blubbering into my porridge wondering what I am am doing wrong.

Truth is I completely know what I am doing wrong, I know what to do, but I am just not doing it. See life update below as to why…

Baxter the Legend on Red Funnel ferries

I have serious writers block

I know, what a bloody cliche! Yes writer’s block is definitely a thing, in fact as I write this my brain keeps wanting to start this post again as everything so far is rubbish. I think I am even confusing myself.

But for this post I will just write and see where my fast typing fingers get me?!

I have sooo many ideas and I often ‘write’ complete blog posts in my head only to sit down with my laptop or phone to put hand to keyboard and be left completely blank with not even an opening sentence flashing from my fingertips. I do however know that a lot of this is also down to life right now… again see update below!

Novotel Hotel Manchester Review: accor Hotels

I don’t feel like travelling

What?! But you’re a travel blogger! Yes I know I am, but recently I just haven’t been getting as excited about trips I have been invited on, the time it takes, the work that goes into a trip, before during and after. In all honesty I just don’t have time.

I have been so busy with other things and other priorities (again see below) that accepting press trips and hotel reviews just hasn’t been top of the list. I’m currently commuting to London from Derbyshire EVERY week and so that travel alone is enough to leave me warn out and wanting to do nothing but snuggle up in bed with the latest episode of Doctor Foster. I haven’t watched the final yet by the way so shhh!

I know what kind of blogger am I?! I feel like a total fraud and need to up my game.

Fun in Leeds with Pack your Passport

I work for free too much

Ok so those top bloggers are going to not be happy about this one, but the truth is I work for free on my blog. Though I do occasionally get paid for a press trip, I do still accept press trips in exchange for the trip itself. I get too excited by the prospect of a new adventure, a new city, a new country, new friends. I know my blog isn’t as big as some people’s so use that to justify my decision. Why would they want to pay little old me, on top of putting together an amazing itinerary of fun?

But… the free thing is starting to get me down now and as all my other work has been picking up ‘free’ trips are actually starting to cost me money. As heading off on a press trip means not being able to work on the stuff I actually get paid for. So this is another reason why I have been turning trips down, because well I can’t afford free trips anymore. So things are going to change around here, I am a business, I work really bloomin hard and deserve to be compensated. This article by my lovely friend Jess from The Travelista pretty much sums it all up!

Hull Fruit Market sign

Life Update

Right so now I have updated you on all the blogging shiz I haven’t been doing I thought it only fair I explain why.

I wanted to start by saying life is really good, I am on the whole very happy and so so excited for the future and everything ahead. I get that excitable giddy feeling deep in my belly almost daily and feel like a bit of a lemon when I want to just squeal with excitement for no particular reason other than I am loving life. Which is why I am trying not to feel too guilty about the lack of blogging, because well happiness trumps everything right?!

Jen Lowthrop - She Gets to Work

Business is booming

So this is the big one. Alongside this blog I run a digital marketing company called She Gets to Work and well it’s doing pretty well. I’m working more than ever before with lots of new exciting clients and am earning more than ever before too. I think the busyness is what makes me so happy really.

I have one big longstanding client, which is my main client that keeps me coming back to London every week. Believe me if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t be doing this hellish commute every week. I’ve surprised myself by actually really loving it, I’m working in a council, which after my hellish experience at another council a couple of years ago I promised myself I would never do again, but alas I did and I’m so so pleased! More than anything it’s the people that make a job and I work with the best development team and it’s a bonus I work on some exciting projects too.

Alongside my main client I have some amazing smaller charity and small business clients I’m working with too. I love the variety it brings and seeing my work make a difference to some brilliant charities! I’ve also got an awesome small team of contractors who have been helping me, most notably Sophie who is an absolute legend! I definitely made the right choice recruiting Sophie!

So yer work is good and is taking over my life a bit but it’s ok because I’m enjoying it!

On “getting around”

I think the less said about this the better, other than you probably didn’t even know I was even ‘kinda sorta’ back with the ex for a while because I kept it all a bit hush hush. Anyway needless to say I am not with him anymore, he’s an incredible guy and I wish him the absolute best in life, just sometimes two people aren’t meant to be together. When a relationship ends it is never easy, no matter the circumstances, but I know it is the right decision and I am too busy forging on with my life to think about it too much. So onwards and upwards, right?!

FYI – I don’t think I will be bringing back the dating side to this blog, because I realised a long time ago it really isn’t me. The best blog posts are the bad dates, but I don’t like being mean about people so easier to just say nothing at all (except to my close friends who perhaps get the full gory details).

So don’t expect any crazy dating posts on here, but do expect more open honest posts about my thoughts, my ever crazy life and what it’s like being the super duper independent woman that I AM! YES! OK?

I'm 32! She Gets Around

Flat renovations are close to completion

It’s been almost a year since I got the keys for my first property and I’m pleased to say It is *almost* complete… well the flat at least. I’m going to be writing a full post about the renovation process and the amazing team of friends I’ve had helping me. I hear horror stories but think I’ve been so lucky so far!

Here is a sneak peak of the one corner of one room that is almost finished… what do you think?

Jen Lowthrop renovation home

WorkPie is no more

Not sure I talked about this much, but the plan has always been to turn the ground floor of my property (it was a fully commercial property when I bought it) into a coworking space. Well after a long think about the pros and cons, the business prospects and my many priorities, I decided now is not the time.

So I’m aiming to get renovations of the ground floor completed asap so I can get it rented out. I’m hoping a dog groomer might want it so I can have dogs ‘on tap’ downstairs, but failing that an office, a beauticians, who knows?!

I have still been travelling

So despite my chat above about not wanting to travel, I have obviously still been traveling and have a couple of small trips coming up before the end of the year. So far this year I’ve been to France three times, to Ibiza, Morocco, Switzerland, the Isle of Wight and on lots of UK city breaks. Lots more blogs about my recent adventures coming soon.

Ibiza beach bar

So what next?

Well with only a few months left of the year it’s time to get focused and here are my five focuses… is it ok to have 5?

  1. Catching up on my blog – I’ve got so many blogs I want to write or finish writing I am determined to get up to date and kick my writers block to the curb!
  2. Finishing my renovation – It’s almost there so it’s the final push to get my home as perfect and lovely as I’ve always dreamed.
  3. Rebranding – I’m in the middle of getting a new logo designed for this blog and my business and love the concepts so far. I’ve been working with Stephanie from The Donut Press and can’t wait to see the finished product and share it with you all.
  4. Getting fit! – It was about this time last year that I joined FitMissions in Bakewell and started working on being the fit & trim 32 year old I should be, but after starting the commute to London every week it fell by the wayside! Well no more excuses, I’m getting myself back to FitMissions (because they rock!) ASAP and last night I started my first London personal training session with the lovely Chelsea Siegel. It was fab… though I ache today. Bring on more fitness fun.
  5. Work work work – well this has been a constant throughout the year and isn’t going to change… lots more to be done, best get to it!

So there we have it a bit of an update after some radio silence my end. Promise to be better but please bear with me.

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  1. This is a brilliant blog post, Jen! Wow, you have so much going on and honestly, I think you’re smashing it. There are LOADS of ace blogs in the pipeline and you even have your own cosy place now which is awesome. Working with you is greatt, I’m so glad I bit the bullet and applied that day 😀

  2. I am sure all will get on track albeit it make take a little longer than first anticipated. Stay focused and you will get there.

    However don’t forget to continue to enjoy life.

    Ken xx

  3. I relate to this post sooo much, I found an image on Instagram the other day that said ‘my brain has too many tabs open’ and it totally summed it up. Drop the guilt, keep doing what you makes you happy and remember to stop and do nothing from time to time. You rock!

  4. Nice to hear your life updates (your flat looks lovely and glad to hear the business is going great). I can totally relate to the cost of going on press trips which is why I’m super selective these days too. Look forward to seeing more of your new place! x

    1. Thanks Lucy. Glad you like the flat, I am loving finally having a home! Carpets go in this weekend too! More photos soon x

  5. Jen, it sounds like you’re fitting SO many things into life! I don’t know how you do it. As for goals, I feel you there. The ones I set right at the beginning of the year are just totally useless now! Don’t feel guilty as you are achieving so much and you seem so happy! Keep rocking it, girl. I can’t wait to see where the next few months take you!

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