Am I too young for a cruise? Cruising in your 30s

Have you ever been on a cruise? Last year I got to experience the luxury cruise ship Celebrity Apex, one of the newly refurbished cruises in their fleet. Millions has been spent on this cruise ship and it is an honestly incredible.

It is far from what you might imagine on a cruise, with modern, fun interiors, incredible cocktails and luxury accommodation. Each restaurant a completely new and exciting experience. The performances in the fully equipped theatre are are so varied with a spectacular talented cast of actors, dancers and singers.

I may be in my mid 30s but I definitely love a cruise and am definitely not too young!

Cruises often get a bad reputation for being full of ‘old’ people, but with the average age of cruise goers now in the 40s, this is certainly not the case! They’ve done everything they can to make sure they cater for all ages. Including children, with onsite playgrounds, child minding and games.

I was invited on the cruise as a +1 by my friend Monica from The Travel Hack. Though this isn’t an ad and I was not invited directly by the brand, I was part of a press trip. All questions answered are 100% my opinion.

Am I too young to cruise - cruising in your 30s

Am I too young for a cruise? – All your questions answered

My cruise with Celebrity Apex was my second cruise. My first was with Silversea 9 years ago, where we sailed around the Med. Below are the answers to a few questions I regularly get asked.

If you have any more questions let me know and I will add them to the list.

Why should I go on a cruise in my 30s?

The best thing about cruises is seeing so many places in such a short space of time. It is a great way to test out a few new cities or countries and see which one you might want to go back to and spend more time.

On our cruise last year we started in Athens in Greece, stopped in Santorini, Sicily, Mallorca, Valencia and Barcelona.

That’s 6 different places to visit and try in a week, and you only need to unpack once.

Which brings me onto another great thing about cruising, staying in the same comfy bed all week and waking up each day in a different place. The excitement of waking up in a different port, with a full day of adventures ahead, without the stress of lugging suitcases from one place to another. I love it! There are days at sea too, but waking up the wide open ocean is fun too.

You’re young, try out as many things as you can, then decide where you want to go back to for a longer trip. I would love to head back to Santorini and other Greek islands for a longer break.

Am I too young to cruise - cruising in your 30s
Am I too young to cruise - cruising in your 30s

Will the cruise be full of older people?

Definitely not. I was really quite surprised at the mix of ages on board the ship. Yes there are older people, both couples and singletons, but there are also families, young couples and even groups of friends on board.

There are also over 1000 staff on most cruise ships (dependent on size) and some of them mingle with the customers too, so you’re sure to meet a mix of people from all over the world.

The cruise really is what you make of it, depending on what you choose to do on board and how you spend your time.

Am I too young to cruise - cruising in your 30s

Will I get bored on a cruise?

I highly doubt it. I have been on a four day cruise and a week long cruise and each time I felt like I barely got to see everything on the cruise ship, let alone experience it all.

All cruises vary, but chances are on a week long cruise you will have a couple of days at sea and a few days to get off the ship and explore different destinations.

I really enjoy the ‘at sea’ days as it gives you a chance to really explore, try the immense amount of food options on offer, join a class or relax with a book by the pool.

Every evening there is a different show in the theatre and I was blown away by the cast’s talent. It’s generally the same cast that learn and rehearse for many different shows, from rock singalongs, to historical theatre and dance shows. On Celebrity Apex they really were incredible and a lot of fun.

My favourite part Celebrity Apex was the incredible Eden. I could have spent days enjoying everything this part of the ship had to offer. The beautiful design across three levels, with huge floor to ceiling windows is an Instagramer’s dream. The different seating, from swing chairs, to bowl chairs and squishy sofas, to the incredible cocktail menu, with each cocktail a new experience.

Eden also has an amazing restaurant with some of the best food on the ship. It felt like a really stylish nightclub or private members club with a twist. Whether you’re doing a dance class there or a cookery class or watching the acrobatics performances, there is loads to do and experience in this part of the ship alone.

Am I too young to cruise - cruising in your 30s
Am I too young to cruise - cruising in your 30s

Is it really busy with no privacy?

The cruise I did with Celebrity Apex was just ‘after’ the pandemic and was not full so it didn’t feel busy at all. However, I imagine even when it is full there are so many different things to do on board I can’t imagine it ever feeling particularly busy.

There are many different restaurants and lots of different areas to sit and relax with a book. The only area that might get a bit busy is by the main pool on the days at sea when everyone is wanting to get a bit of sun. That said there are so many beds the chances are you will still get a spot.

Like anything there will always be things that are more popular than others, but there are so many decks, restaurants, seating areas and things to do, you are always going to be able to find a quiet spot if needed. Plus there is always your luxury bedroom.

Am I too young to cruise - cruising in your 30s

What are the bedrooms like on board?

We were in a beautiful stateroom suite, that had a large open plan living and sleeping area, with plenty of space to not feel claustrophobic at all. It had a big balcony and a large bathroom with a window that opened into the room so you could watch the sea while having a shower.

The rooms vary from interior rooms without any windows, to large suites with multiple bedrooms and huge balconies.

Though we didn’t spend much time in our room, I would probably always opt for one with a private balcony. There is nothing better than waking up and stretching your legs on your balcony as you look out at the wide open sea, or the new port you have just arrived in.

The beds were really comfy and we had a butler (thanks to being part of The Retreat) we could call with any specific requests we had. Champagne breakfast? No problem! Feeling a bit seasick? She will be there with ginger beer and whatever is needed. I’ve never felt so looked after.

Am I too young to cruise - cruising in your 30s
Am I too young to cruise - cruising in your 30s

What is the food like on the ship?

Wow! That would be the simple way to describe it. There are so many options you can pretty much eat anything you want. The main buffet restaurant has so much choice you could easily eat there all week and still not even get close to trying everything.

We tried as many of the restaurants as we could, from sushi at ‘Raw on 5’ to ‘Le Petit Chef’ that incorporates delicious food with an animated performance on your table. The gourmet bbq food at the ‘Rooftop Garden Grill’ was phenomenal and the four restaurants that are included in everyone’s booking were incredible too. There is so much choice, you could happily spend the whole week just eating at all the different restaurants and cafes on board.

They even have a cookies and ice cream stall and fresh cake and coffee stop open all day.

Am I too young to cruise - cruising in your 30s
Am I too young to cruise - cruising in your 30s
Am I too young to cruise - cruising in your 30s

What is included on a cruise?

It really depends on the rate you go for, but even the cheapest rate has food included. On Celebrity Apex you can eat in the main buffet dining area, plus four special restaurants and the smaller cafes such as the grill by the pool.

You will have to pay for drinks, wifi and tips unless you pick the ‘all included’ rate which I think is totally worth it. Then you can drink wine, beer, sodas, coffees etc to your hearts content from the different restaurants and bars on board.

The extras would then be speciality cocktails and wine and some of the special restaurants on board. We were part of ‘The Retreat’ which meant we had a couple more exclusive restaurants we could eat at, premium drinks and access to the retreat sundeck with an exclusive pool and lounging area.

When you dock in different places you can get off the ship for the day and do your own thing or you can choose to book onto on of the pre-organised excursions, which would be an extra cost. I quite like just using the time to explore a new place, but if you’re a keen wine ‘taster’ or love a cycle ride, some of the organised tours might be fun.

Am I too young to cruise - cruising in your 30s
Am I too young to cruise - cruising in your 30s

So, are you too young for a cruise?

Well ultimately that’s for you to decide. I am 37 and went on my first cruise at 26 and love them. If you’re looking for a hassle free holiday where you get to see lots of different destinations and enjoy some luxurious living then a cruise might be the way to go.

Let me know if you decide to take a cruise and how you find it. Or if you have any other questions drop me a comment below and I will do my best to answer.

Am I too young to cruise - cruising in your 30s

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