8 reasons why being freelance is better than a full time job

On Friday 25th I left my far from perfect job in the council to start up life freelance again… and I love it.

The positivity and happiness I have felt in the last week and a half has been incredible.

I won’t be looking back!

freelance life post

To celebrate my first few days of freelance I thought I would share some of my favourite findings of why this life is perfect for me and could be for you too.

8 reasons why being freelance is better than a full time job

1. Be your own boss

Not one to be told what to do, or worse, exactly how to do something, freelance enables me the creativity to work on projects I am passionate about, to pick and choose the clients I work with and decide how I am going to do a piece of work.

There will always be someone you need to report to or please, whether that’s a client or a customer, but overall the freedom is radical compared to a lot of micromanagers in some full time jobs.

2. Plan your own time

This reason may be my favourite.

Sometimes I like to wake up at the crack of dawn and get working, other days I want to work through the evening, but generally what I don’t want is to work the standard 9-5 with an hour for lunch.

One of my current clients is RoomAuction who I am working for one day a week, though my one day is split across the week which hugely benefits both myself and the company. I get to manage my time and they get communication from me most days which is much better than just one ‘normal’ day and then nothing for a week.

I loved this article in the Telegraph that spread across the media a couple of weeks ago. ‘Starting work at 9am is close to torture’! I don’t think this is perhaps true for everyone, but it goes to show we just aren’t wired for the 9-5!

Baxter the Legend in Pearsons park

3. Work from where you want

Ok maybe this reason is my favourite?

Who I am kidding?! I love all these reasons.

Working at a desk for 8 hours a day is not only bad physically, it is bad for out mental health too. Now I get to work from my bed, my desk (actually I don’t have a desk yet but the dining room table works for now), a cafe, a train, wherever I wish.

A change is as good as a rest they say so I try to move around and work in at least a couple of different places each day. This morning I started on my bed and I am now sat in the RSA cafe. One of my favourite work places in London.

freelance She Gets Around

4. Daytime discounts

Yesterday afternoon I went to the cinema. After a productive morning I treated myself with a trip to my local cinema and with the daytime discount it was much cheaper than the usual crazy prices of a trip to the movies. I went to watch ‘The Intern‘ by the way which was a lovely inspiring afternoon chick flick.

Whether it is off peak gym memberships, discounted activities or lunchtime deals there are loads of ways to do fun things during working hours that most people can only do in the evenings or weekends.

5. Control how much you earn

The more you work, the more you earn… usually.

There is something lovely about knowing that on the *insert pay day* of the month you will get a set amount into your account and can budget your month accordingly.

However there is something more lovely when you get a buzz every time you successfully confirm a client, a piece of work, a pay cheque. Something exciting that you don’t quite know how much you will earn this month, hopefully more than last month.

A little inner competition with yourself, as you come up with new creative ways to make a dime.

I’ve only been freelance just over a week and so far things are going ok, though ask me again when my old pay day comes around and I don’t get a hefty chunk into my account and I may think differently. But I am confident that before long I will be earning more than my previous job, spaced across the month… 10 pay days is much better than just one, right?

Busy at work in RoomAuction office

Busy at work in the RoomAuction office 😉

6. Get a pet

I love dogs! In fact I may be becoming a little bit obsessed.

They make me smile, they make me happy, I want to pet them, hug them, walk them, feed them.

Last week due to my new freelance life, I was able to look after our family dog for a week, taking him for regular walks, taking breaks for a snuggle, playing fetch with his sock, taking an afternoon to run with him on the beach. Things I wouldn’t be able to do if I was stuck in an office all day.

Due to the freelance work I do I won’t be able to get a pet of my own just yet as travel will make it hard on the dog (and me), but for now I can continue to borrow Baxter as often as possible to enjoy everything that having a pet brings.

Baxter the Legend freelance

7. Travel off peak

Train prices have increased, there is no denying it, and being currently carless (soon to be rectified) I have been catching a lot of trains recently. Friday night, Sunday night/Monday morning trains are never the cheap ones, but now if I know I am heading away for the weekend I can leave Friday morning or afternoon and make use of the discount prices.

Same goes for the tube in London, if I don’t need to be anywhere early on I can get off peak trains around the city, instantly saving me £s.

Baxter the Legend in Hull

8. Lose weight

When I was sat at a desk all day, I ate… all day! An automatic reflex of being a little bit bored and a little bit miserable, I found I needed to constantly snack. Popcorn, crisps, sweets, chocolate, it all gave me mini bursts of happiness. Now however I am never bored. I eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner and I take regular walks to get me out and about, whether that is with Baxter or without. I am already feeling the benefits and am sure after a few more weeks I will be back to Skinny Ginny Jenny again.

Hull Fruit Market

So as you can probably tell for me freelance is fabulous! Possibly the best decision ever! In fact I don’t know what took me so long?! Who knows what direction my freelance life will take me in next?! I can’t wait!

Do you find any other benefits from being freelance?

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  1. Very true, She Gets Around. The inner happiness one gets (when working Solo as I call it.=)…is the best thing. I have been freelancing for several decades. One thing i should caution though is the possibility of financial deserts.
    This is when various people you work for do not pay in time. Usually a full time job gives you cash at a specific time. Freelancing needs careful balancing of books.
    Having varied skills helps juggling when things go berserk. Otherwise the inner joy which human beings lack so much from “slave” jobs is the biggest clinch and advantage of freelancing.

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