Learn Danish in a Day

Task #7 in the scavenger hunt

‘Danish is easy to learn. Check it out’

  • Engage in conversation with a Dane
  • What is your favourite Danish word?
  • Video of you beating a stranger at something
  • Engage in a street sport
  • Best Danish chat up line

This task was harder than you think, mainly because EVERYONE in Denmark speaks English, they speak English, really really well. Danish people are also super friendly and were willing to help all weekend with any clues I needed with the Visit Denmark scavenger hunt. Here are a few little stories showing how I ticked off each of the scavenger points listed above.

Our first night was filled with delicious food, amazing live music and some new friends we met en route to Tivoli. They kindly taught us a very important phrase in Danish to help us be as friendly as those Danes.

After repeating ‘hvordan har du’ I can tell you it is firmly engrained in my brain, I can almost have a fully fledged conversation with a Dane… almost.

But that isn’t all I learnt.

My favourite word in Danish (that I know so far) also happens to be a ‘blooming’ lovely part of nature. Something beautiful, colourful and that comes in all different shapes and sizes.

OK not the most attractive video, but the ‘blomster’ are pretty.

Copenhagen is a city full of adventures, made all the easier with the fun boxes to tick off our scavenger list…

My cycling exploits took me to Norrebro to try my balance at skateboarding with some pro skaters (not such a pro myself)

My new Danish friend tried really hard to teach me the basics, but well I just don’t think Skateboarding is ever going to be my thing?!

photo (2)

Next I was off to Orsteds Park to ‘beat a stranger’ at hula hooping. I won the game, but my new friend Cille won the actual hula hoop.

The park was filled with happy, smiling Danes enjoying a sunshine filled afternoon with friends. I couldn’t think of anywhere I would rather be that day than sat sipping some juice in this park, surrounded by Blomster, Hygge and the bright shining Sol!


So many fun adventures and so many friendly Danish people to help make the weekend fantastic. But none more friendly than the three people in this video who kindly offered me their best Danish chat up lines…

Top marks for anyone who can tell me what these three chat up lines are … if their translations to me were correct then one of these is rather interesting and not how I would ever have expected to be chatted up in a bar. Is this the Danish way?

Thanks to all the super Danish people who have helped with these short Vine clips and chat up line YouTube video and especially to Visit Denmark for putting some brill ideas on their scavenger hunt to make the weekend an adventure to remember.

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