Scavenger fun times in Copenhagen

I’m off to ‘scavenge’ my way around Copenhagen and I can’t wait!

As part of an awesome winning weekend at Traverse in April I was one of four lucky bloggers chosen to head to Copenhagen for a scavenger hunt, adventuring across the city to find and share the best that Copenhagen has to offer.

I will be real time blogging my journey on TravMonkey … so follow to see all my photos and how many crazy places I visit in a couple of days in Copenhagen.


It seemed so far away but the day is finally upon us and I am about to fly off for one serious adventure in Denmark. This is my first time to Denmark and also I will be hitting country 30 on my total countries visited, quite a mile stone. I wonder how long it will be before I hit 40?!

So what am I going to be doing in Copenhagen?

I will be staying at Hotel Fox. A hotel where every room is unique, a different experience. I’m so excited to find out what room they have put me in.

We have 11 different tasks we need to complete over the weekend, sharing our findings on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine and whatever other social media varieties we want to use.

Here are a few of the top tasks I am most excited about completing…

  1. Get a taste of Copenhagen with the city’s very own signature cocktails… mmm!
  2. Bicycle rush hour… I can’t wait to get on a bike myself.
  3. How to look Danish… a viking hat? Hot?
  4. Something hipster?
  5. Danish chat up lines… but will we understand them?

I’m quite nervous about the challenge ahead but with enough creativity and help from the happy people of Denmark I am sure I can rise to the challenge. The four of us will be competing to be Denmark’s UK Blogger of the Year… How exciting!

Look out for lots of social media savviness over the weekend and do let me know any tips on top things to do in Copenhagen.

Wish me luck guys 🙂 x

Bikes bikes bikes
Bikes bikes bikes



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  1. haha that bike photo, couldn’t look more english, i want to see some danish shots of bikes please!

    1. That bike shot is actually Stockholm not England. So I am not so far off. Danish bike shots coming soon.

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