Last week I had my favourite boy staying with me, the love of my life… Baxter the Legend (sorry Philly), the family Jack Russell, the best dog in the world!

Baxter the Legend Jack Russell

If you follow me on Instagram you may already know Baxter the Legend from the numerous photos I have posted of his legendary adventures, or if you had access to my phone you would see that 85% of the selfies I take are not just of me but of me and my love Baxter.

I’m not the only one who loves this four legged furry creature, in fact it was my friends who first named him Baxter the Legend Lowthrop after his legendary escapades at one of my Hill Holt Wood parties in years gone by. Before he met my gang of friends he was just simple Baxter Lowthrop, but now he will go down in history as a legendary dog for ever more. Having had him come to stay with me in Hull at Phil’s house my love for him (and I think him for me), has only grown, with at least three walks a day, a few too many treats and lots of snuggles, he has been in his element. The day that was definitely his favourite though was Thursday, when we jumped back in the car for another road trip, this time to the beach!

Baxter the Legend Lowthrop

Baxter the Legend Lowthrop

Baxter the Legend Jack Russell

Not wanting to steal Baxter’s thunder I thought I would let him tell the tale. He likes to talk in poetry form, ever the romantic, so read on to learn about Baxter’s day at Cleethorpes Beach.

When Baxter met Lilly at Cleethorpes Beach

It started like any other, a quick wee in Phil’s back yard,
The morning birds were singing, as always I’m on guard.
Phil came down in shorts and put his trainers on,
Today I’m ready for anything, not a walk but a 5k run!

After a long run with Phil, I really was tired out,
A quick nap in my new bed, then ‘time to go’ I hear Jen shout.
I jumped in the car, I love a good road trip,
Perhaps back to Hill Holt, Hull was just a short blip.

But no to a new place, bigger than my home in the wood,
Only sand and sea for miles, this was going to be good.
I met lots of other dogs, trying to invade my space,
I barked and I yelped, and did try to chase.

We walked along the sand, so soft underfoot,
But then stopped a bit, Jen told me to stay put.
I saw her from a distance, bounding towards me at speed,
Ears flapping in the sunlight, a beauty indeed.
Baxter the Legend at the beach Lilly Norton

A feisty little thing, much younger than me,
But it was love at first site, I think she’ll agree.
We bounded through the sand, we were given a treat,
We met new friends, we the new Cleethorpes’ elite!

At one point I saved her, from some feisty big dogs,
Yapping till they left, their dirty mutts won’t be on this blog.
We’d had so much fun, but the best was still to come,
An ice cream by the beach, we gobbled every crumb.

Lilly ate her ice cream much quicker than me,
So I shared mine with her too, I’m a gentleman you see.
Soon it was time to depart, back home without my friend,
I’m sure we will meet again, this definitely isn’t the end!

By Baxter the Legend  
Baxter the Legend

Baxter the Legend and Lilly Norton

Baxter the Legend and friends

Whispering sweet nothings…

Lilly Norton tells Baxter the Legend a secret

Baxter the Legend and Lilly Norton

Baxter the Legend Lowthrop and Lilly Norton with Jen

Dogs eating ice cream…

Baxter the Legend with an ice cream

Baxter the Legend with an ice cream

Baxter the Legend enjoying an ice cream

Baxter the Legend Lowthrop

Baxter the Legend shares an ice cream with Lilly…

Baxter the Legend Lowthrop and Lilly Norton eating ice cream

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