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80 Fun Things To Do This Autumn

So it’s Autumn, let’s admit it, the weather has turned, the leaves are starting to fall, I have this inexplicable urge to drink hot chocolate about 5 times a day and I am craving open fires and warm socks. Autumn is here folks, and in reality, I’m rather happy about it!

fun travel blog, things to do

Sophie and I put together this list of 80 things to do in Autumn and we’re going to try and work our way through as many of them as we can, starting right now with another hot chocolate I think!

fun travel blog, things to do

We hope this gets you in the mood for Autumn… If you have any other ideas let us know in the comments!

  1. Forage for fruits and make your own jam
  2. Get cosy with a hot chocolate in front of an open fire
  3. Add some hygge to your home, because Autumn is serious hygge time!
  4. Get outside and breath in the Autumnal air
  5. Take your camera out and snap the changing colours of the season
  6. Give your feet one final pamper
  7. Treat yourself to a new scarf and gloves
  8. Pick a new box set to watch
  9. Watch a really scary movie, preferably not alone
  10. Commit to a digital detox, no matter how big or small!
  11. Be adventurous and try white water rafting
  12. Have a pumpkin carving competition
  13. Make pumpkin soup, or pumpkin pie, or pumpkin cake or anything with pumpkin in!
  14. Get crafty and make a bird feeder for your garden
  15. Start your Christmas shopping early at the local markets
  16. Celebrate Oktoberfest, Vicky FlipFlop has some great tips
  17. Build a bonfire and toast marshmallows, or make s’mores like the Americans!
  18. Go on a budget break in a stunning UK city, Like Manchester or Leeds
  19. Hope on a plane to Amsterdam, Berlin or Gdansk
  20. Book yourself a rural escape, Snowdonia? The Lakes? The Peak District?
  21. Take your dog on a walk somewhere they’re never been!
  22. Paint your nails a new, Autumnal shade
  23. Treat yourself to some lovely new boots
  24. Make a comfort-food dessert like apple crumble with custard
  25. Go on an Autumn scavenger hunt
  26. Get lost in a corn maze, but don’t tell the farmer 😉
  27. Go conker picking, then have a conker fight, or use them to scare away spiders (it works, honestly!!)
  28. Go on a road trip
  29. Visit your local forest and go on a nature walk through it
  30. Play hide and seek in the woods
  31. Go wild camping!
  32. Buy yourself some new scented candles to make your home feel cosy
  33. Rent a log cabin, preferably one with a hot tub!
  34. Go mountain biking
  35. Go for a morning run in the crisp Autumn air
  36. Stay indoors and play a board game – I recommend a feisty game of Monopoly!
  37. Challenge yourself to read 3 new books
  38. Organise a bake sale for your favourite charity
  39. Buy some new, fluffy slipper socks
  40. Treat yourself to some new pyjamas
  41. Ask your Grandparents to tell you a story about their childhood
  42. Add cinnamon to your morning oats recipe
  43. Go on a picnic in the woods
  44. Visit a country pub and eat traditional British pub food 
  45. Go on a scenic drive
  46. Eat fish and chips in your car by the seaside, or out of the car, depending on how close to winter it is!
  47. Snuggle up under a new throw or blanket
  48. Update your makeup bag for Autumn
  49. Go trick-or-treating, the tricks are sometimes the best bit!
  50. Eat rhubarb crumble with homemade custard
  51. Dress up for Halloween
  52. Collect pinecones then make them into Christmas tree decorations
  53. Plant bulbs in your garden, ready for Spring
  54. Make proper popcorn and eat it while it’s still warm
  55. Eat a traditional meat pie with gravy
  56. Chop logs for the fire – carefully!
  57. Make a new scarf for your favourite teddy bear – you all still have a favourite teddy bear right?
  58. Make a big batch of warming chilli con carne
  59. Visit elderly relatives or neighbours and take them a care package
  60. Dig your slow cooker out and get your stew on!
  61. Go on a Gruffalo trail with the kids (yours or someone else’s!)
  62. Take some vitamins to help stay healthy in the winter
  63. Build a den out of sticks in the forest!
  64. Go to a sherry/whisky tasting event
  65. Make a rhubarb and ginger gin cocktail
  66. Have a warm bath with lots of bubbles
  67. Evaluate your work-life balance 
  68. Make a bucket list for Autumn – see what I did there?! 😉
  69. Create a new chilled-out playlist
  70. Drink tea from your favourite mug – preferably Yorkshire tea, because anything is sub-par!
  71. Invest in some new hand cream for the colder days
  72. Spruce up your office space
  73. Remember to turn the clocks back
  74. Don’t feel guilty for having a lie-in
  75. Organise a secret Santa or charity day in the office
  76. Volunteer at an old person’s home
  77. Bake your Grandma’s favourite cake and take her (or someone else close to you) a big slice
  78. Have a family photo shoot, in the woods
  79. Drink a hot toddy if you feel under the weather
  80. find a huge pile of leaves and JUMP IN IT! Because really all you need to do is this one on repeat all Autumn as crunchy leaves is the best bit!

Do you have any more suggestions for Autumn fun things to do? Or, anywhere you recommend for an Autumn visit?

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