The Best Snowy Winter Adventure Holidays

For me winter is about snow. White, fluffy, magical snow.

Picturesque snowy scenes, wrapping up warm and cosy, looking out at the snow from an open log fire, or stomping through the snow in the biggest boots you can find.

Sadly we rarely get much snow in England these days, so you have to travel a bit further afield. (Apart from that little bit of snow we got last weekend)

the best snowy winter adventure holidays

Here are a few of my favourite snowy winter adventures.

The 3 best snowy winter adventure holidays

Dog sledding in Norway

This easily comes first as it was one of, it not THE BEST, experience of my life.

An afternoon filled with fluffy friendly husky dogs and the most incredible scenery you have ever seen. If you are looking for adventure, then this is adventure at it’s best.

We spent the afternoon gliding across a frozen lake, through thick snow, being pulled by 6 beautiful huskies. It was an unbelievably extraordinary experience. My photos and words don’t do it justice but to give you a better idea read more about my adventure dog sledding in Norway.

Dog sledding sunset

Skiing in Austria or France

You can’t have a list of snowy adventures without having skiing on the list. The ultimate winter adventure.

Whether you are a newbie or a regular skier there are always new adventures to be had every day on the slopes. New pistes to try, new black runs to master and of course a new mountain bar to drink at.

I am hoping to go skiing again in the New Year. I have tried Austria and have been to France many times, but tempted to try somewhere new.

Any ski location recommendations?

skiing in Austria

Snowholing in Scotland

It was about three years ago that I went snowholing in Scotland.

‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’

I think just about sums up the experience.

If you don’t know what snowholing is then chances are you won’t want to try it. Snowholing involves spending the morning climbing up a snowy mountain, then spending the afternoon digging your sleeping quarters in the deep snow. The evening is spent eating and sleeping in your little snow home.

It is the closest thing to an igloo, it is exceptionally hard work and it is unbelievably cold. But do I recommend it? Well if you are one for trying something new, for crazy adventures, then YES I do!

The views when I woke up the next morning were spectacular and made everything the day before worthwhile.

Here are some amazing fun facts about Scotland. So many really surprised me!

digging a snowhole

I am looking for something new to try this winter.

Have you got any other snowy winter adventures you recommend?

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