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Skiing in Austria


For the first time in 14 years!

After spending my childhood skiing twice almost every year I haven’t been since I was 13! A combination of breaking my neck ย (kind of ruins the fun) and realising how many places there are to visit in this vast world meant skiing hasn’t been at the top of my list for a while. But it is back!

A professional?!
A professional?!

This year I hit the slopes in Austria with boyfriend in tow… in the main to help with the tumbles, in case skiing wasn’t like riding a bike as everyone promised. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sun out for our first day on the slopes
Sun out for our first day on the slopes

We stayed in a really small resort called Axamer Lizum but hired a car and bought a pass which allowed access to 9 different resorts around Innsbruck. The Olympia SkiWorld pass was great to try out new places, we would have definitely got bored staying in our local resort for more than a couple of days.

We skied at three resorts within the Olympia Ski World and on our last day headed to a completely different resort an hour and a half from Innsbruck where Phil’s family were staying. Here are my thoughts on the four resorts we tried.

Axamer Lizum

This was the first place we skied and wasn’t bad for a first day after ‘some’ time off from the slopes, but was by no means a resort for first timers as it was sold to many. Even the blue slopes were filled with moguls and the often narrow, steep or windy pistes were not always the easiest to navigate for newbies. I followed a snow plough guy all the way down to the bottom one day only to see him fall every ten yards or so… well if nothing else it made me feel better ๐Ÿ™‚

Views from the restaurant at Axamer Lizum
Views from the restaurant at Axamer Lizum

The views from the highest point were incredible and we enjoyed lunch with a view on the two days we spent at Axamer Lizum. If you like going off piste there was always plenty of fresh snow to enjoy without having to go into the wilderness where no one could find you.

Cheers to that view!
Cheers to that view!


This resort was small and had little to keep you entertained, even for a day. Going late in the season meant the final stretch of the piste was slushy and not fun to ski down. It was useful to ski down closer to our hotel at the end of the day, but the two resorts were only connected on the way back so you couldn’t start here and head to Axamer Lizum.


We did stop in a really cosy, friendly restaurant to shelter from the snow falling and I had a huge schnitzel and chips for lunch, which made the rest of the day we spent here in a snow storm not seem so bad.

Stubai Glacier

This was my favourite of the three resorts within the Olympia Ski World, for one there was a lot more choice in routes and in two days there we still found occasional new runs. Depending how you like to end your day, there is an off piste run that goes all the way to the bottom of the mountain. I opted for the cable car back down so I could sit and sip a Gluhwein or hot chocolate while I watched for Phil making his way down the mountain.

Off piste Phil
Off piste Phil

Again the food was brill, a homemade pasta bar, more huge schnitzels and enough strudle to keep you going for weeks.


I LOVED it here!

We decided to spend our final day skiing in Obergurgl, meeting up with Phil’s parent’s who had spent the week just down the road (1.5 hours away). It wasn’t part of the Olympia SkiWorld, but the long drive and extra lift pass needed was well worth it. The pistes at Obergurgl were wide, smooth and well connected. It was like I hadn’t been skiing until this day. While around Innsbruck I had been worried I didn’t enjoy skiing anymore and was already starting to dread the thought of another ski holiday next year… but never ย fear, we just hadn’t been in the right place.

Panoramic views at Obergurgl
Panoramic views at Obergurgl

The town was like those ski towns I remembered in France as a child, filled with restaurants, shops and apres ski bars and there was enough runs to keep you entertained for a few days without being bored. In fact one run we loved so much we did it 3 times in close succession. Skiing was FUN again!

Happy Skiers
Happy Skiers

Want to see how much fun? Check out this fab video Phil made for me with his dad’s (the infamous Graham Norton) Go Pro.

Thanks to Phil and Graham for helping to film and edit this video and for a fabulous holiday in Austria.

If you are planning a holiday skiing in Austria next season… Obergurgl definitely wins, hands-down!

Have fun on the slopes folks. xย 

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  1. Nice video Jen…. But It can’t be 14 year since you last went ski-ing….. It must therefore have been with us when we took you to Courcheval in France in 2000 to see in the millennium… (13yrs ago)! I have still have the video…..You were the most reluctant skier I have ever known…… Could we get you out of bed to go ski-ing ……NO….. Not surprised you have left it so long…. But glad you returned. X

    1. Hmm thanks for sharing this Wendy. So I like to sleep in, luckily I have found a boyfriend who also like a good snooze before getting out on the slopes.

      You’re right 13 years ago, broke my neck the year before when with Stancliffe. Can’t believe I hadn’t been skiing in so long, definitely needs to be annual thing again now.

  2. Love the vid!

    Austria seems a cool choice for a spot of boarding and the pass to the different resorts is a really good idea.

    Hopefully someone will come up with an awesome blogger trip to a ski resort one day … and invite us ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. My fingers are crossed… Bloggers Skiathon would be fabulous! Imagine the apres ski fun ๐Ÿ™‚

      Some really great spots for boarding there, lots of off piste without disappearing into the wilderness.

  3. This looks amazing! And what a great video. Did you shoot this with a GoPro? I wish I could ski like this. I just spend most of the time falling over and climbing back up again.

    And the little thing you brushed over about breaking your neck?? What? Tell us more.

    1. Yes it is with Phil’s dad’s Go Pro. Really fun, you can see Phil’s tellytubby shadow in a few shots when he has it on his head ๐Ÿ™‚

      Oh yes I broke my neck, cracked my third vertebrae no biggy its fine now, I think.

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