Exploring Australia: 5 Things To Remember

Australia is a vast and scenic land. There is nowhere in the world quite like Oz and as such the country has become a traveller’s paradise. Thousands of tourists visit Australia every year to travel and explore the rich culture and land. There are many things to learn from the country and many sights to see. The fact that the country is so large means that you will not be able to cover it all during one trip. Before you set off, you will need to map out your route and make a note of any key attractions you wish to see along the way. If you are planning a once in a lifetime trip to Oz, then you need some advice. Here are five things to remember on your travels.

The Seasons Are Extreme

Unlike many other countries, Australia has extreme weather that varies from season to season. During the ‘wet season’ (October-February) the weather is boiling. You will find that during this season many of the more dangerous animals come out to play. For first-time travellers, it is advisable to visit Australia during the tamer ‘dry season.’ During the dry season, the weather is much more bearable, and you will be able to explore the land.


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Airport Customs Are Strict

The rumors are true – the Australian customs are strict when it comes to who is coming in and out of their country. You must make sure that you have all your documentation in order before you travel. Read about updating your travel documents here: www.UKPassportServices.co.uk. If you are visiting Australia for an extended period then, you will need to have at least six months left on your passport. If your travel documents are about to expire soon then, you must get them renewed before you go away.

There Is No Need To Tip

In much of the western world, it is customary to tip waiters and bar staff in restaurants. In Australia, you will find that there is a ‘service tax’ added to your bill at the end of the meal. That means that your waiter includes the tip within the total cost of your meal, and so there is no need to tip them for their service. Of course, if you want to you can add an extra tip to the end of your bill, but you will not offend anyone by not doing so.

Hitchhiking Is Dangerous

Hitchhiking across Europe is a great idea. Hitchhiking across Australia is an awful idea. In many of the Australian territories, it is illegal to hitchhike. But that is not the only reason you should avoid this means of travel. The Australian land is vast and dangerous. When you choose to hitchhike, you put your life in the hands of someone else. If they drop you off in an isolated location then, it is likely that you will fall ill or die from the exposure to extreme heat. Take a coach tour of the country instead. On the coach, you will meet fellow travellers and see the sights in a safe way.

How To Dress In Australia

Just because Australia is hot, that doesn’t mean you need to wear skimpy clothing. In fact, it is best that you cover up as much as possible whilst in the country. The sun rays in Australia are much more damaging than in the rest of the world. If you are out in the sun too long, you will get burnt, and that could cause skin cancer. Wear long trousers and boots when in the outback, as these will protect you from the sun and the dangerous wildlife in the region.

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